Hi TravelFeed community! I have travelled to over 20 countries but rather than simply making recommendations, or sharing insider travel tips here. I want to blog my travel destinations wrapped in the truly unbelievable events that have followed me from vacation to vacation. Somehow things usually turned out fine and currently only exist as a collection of really crazy funny stories that I share with friends from time to time.

These stories take place all over the world and are funny, crazy but true. besides good laughs the travel destinations were amazing. and I will include great travel tips, must see recommendations, and stunning photos from these travels.

I love a good crazy funny travel story, and since these really happened to me, I'm going to run out of story content. for example I didn't travel to Hawaii to experience a tsunami, it just happened while I was there. The crazy funny story ends with me sleeping in a Kona Coffee plantations barn next to an army jeep used in the movie tropic thunder.

If you like the blogs format I want you to share your crazy funny travel stories too.

My name is John and I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have some great money saving tips for you if members of the TravelFeed community are planning a visit to Toronto, North Americas safest city.

I'm looking forward to writing about my travels wrapped in a story format that take place in one of my travel destinations, but highlights a crazy funny event that happened on the trip!

Share your funny travel stories here. Each blog post will tell a crazy funny story, but more importantly will share travel recommendations, sights to see, attraction coupons anything goes really