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Wow... What a day! I don't often browse the front page of Steemit, but today I did and left a comment on a post by @berniesanders. It became an interesting conversation and in the end, Steemit Witness @roelandp delegated 15.5k Steem Power to @travelfeed!

As most of you probably know by now, @travelfeed is a curation project run by @for91days, @rimicane and me that features the best travel content posted in #travelfeed. @roelandp's generous delegation means that we can finally do what we envisioned when creating @travelfeed: Giving the best travel posts the rewards they deserve.


Now, when you get curated by @travelfeed, you will receive an upvote worth 1.80$ from @travelfeed plus currently up to 47 votes from our curation trail. As before, every day the five best posts posted in #travelfeed will also receive a resteem to currently over 400 followers who value great travel content plus you have a chance to be featured in one of our daily curation posts which means additional SBD and exposure for you! We expect that now competition in #travelfeed will increase, so we hope to see you soon with your best travel posts in #travelfeed!

In case you haven't posted in #travelfeed before, don't forget to check out our intro post and please be sure to meet the requirements (min 250 words!). If you want to support your fellow travellers, please follow the travelfeed curation trail on steemauto!

I finish this post with a short explanation for the photoshopped image of two photos that I took on Mauna Kea on Hawaii which is home to some of the world's biggest telescopes: Good travel posts to the moon!

Camera Gear

The camera I used to capture this photo is a Nikon D5500 (APS-C) with a Nikon 10-20mm F4,5–5,6 and a Nikon 18-140mm F3.5-5.6 lens.

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If you like my content, don't forget to upvote this post and follow me for more photos and travel stories! Also, I will be happy if you leave a comment to tell me your thoughts and resteem this post to share my work!
All my photos are also available for licensing, please contact me through my Website or the Steemit Traveller's Discord.

Tag #travelfeed in your travel posts (min. 250 words) for a chance to be curated!



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You're welcome.

Thank you, Bernie, for starting the discussion that led to roelandp's generous delegations!

That was very generous of you! @berniesanders
Thank you for your random act of kindness!

Congratulations! It's so great to see #travelfeed growing!

Thank you, it is great! I believe that now we are really making a difference. Thank you for your support for @travelfeed as well!

Wow @jpphotography that's very exciting news!

Congratulations to @for91days and @rimicane too. 😊

Thanks, but I would say congratulations to the whole Steemit travel community! Roelandp delegated to @steemitworldmap as well today and with these two amazing curation projects getting stronger there are great times ahead for the travel community!

I need to start using @steemitworldmap @jpphotography. I tried it once and couldn't get it to work so haven't used it. I will take another look.

Have a lovely day! 😊

You should, steemitworldmap is an amazing tool! It's not that hard to use actually:
Go to
Look for the place where your post should be (zoom in or use the search)
Click the code slider at the bottom
Click on the place on the map
Copy and paste the generated code in your post
Done :)

Sounds like a freaking awesome day :) Congratulations! This project really deserves this.

Thank you! :) It was a freaking awesome day!!

Boom! Well done Julian!
I'm really happy for you guys. Good and honest work will pay off!
Right now I'm pretty busy but I hope I can contribute more often in the next couple of month. Have a great weekend!

Thank you! Can't wait for your next posts in #travelfeed!
Enjoy your weekend!

Way to go, @jpphotography, so glad you're getting some support for your project! :D

So happy about it :) It is amazing to see the travel posts we curated sitting at a few Dollars instead of a few cents!

Great news! Congratulations!
I will try to post my second travel story today :)

Thank you! Loved your Belgrade post :)

WOW! Congratulations! That'S a good example of: you get what you deserve but not what you expect! 👍

Haha that is so true! Thank you :)

That's awesome news! Congrats @travelfeed you guys have earnt this generous delegation!...hopefully it will make this awesome feed grow even more :)

Wow, that's super cool!!! I LOVE when unexpected things like that happen. And out of a comment discussion, too! How exciting!

It is so exciting :) Steemitworldmap got a delegation as well, so the travel community will receive much higher upvotes on great posts (that of course includes yours!) :)