Colourful Fallas Sculpture in Valencia, Spain

Is it a painting? A 3D-Render? No, this is an actual sculpture. But if you are eager to see it yourself, I have to disappoint you: This sculpture was displayed in Valencia during Fallas. The Fallas festival ended in the night from the 18th to the 19th of March when, like every year, all the sculptures were burnt and the city went up in smoke and flames.


Luckily, I was able to capture some of the sculptures while they were still in the process of being set up and am now publishing my best photos in a small photo series. If you are wondering what Fallas is about: This festival is held in the city of Valencia each year in March to celebrate the end of winter. You know it is Fallas time when giant sculptures are erected on squares in the central districts of Valencia accompanied by amazing ear-shattering day- and nighttime fireworks and stunning LED-light shows.


This beautiful sculpture was put to show at the main square of Valencia in front of the city hall and is the only Fallas sculpture that was paid for by the city. The other sculptures are collectively paid for by casales, neighbourhood organisations of people who are crazy about Fallas. Their monthly membership fee finances their activities all year round and during Fallas, but especially it pays for an artist to create the casal's own Fallas sculpture which is then put to show for a few days on the central square in the neighbourhood of the casal before being burnt. Each year, the best sculptures are voted by a jury and of course, each casal is eager to win. You can head over to the blog of @for91days who showed me around Fallas and see this year's winning sculptures for yourself!


This was the third and last part of my photo series on Fallas, you can find links to the first two parts in the "recent posts" section below.


Camera Gear

The camera I used to capture this photo is a Nikon D5500 (APS-C) with a Nikon 18-140mm F3.5-5.6 lens.

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These shots look like paintings! Awesome...

Thanks :) Since you have seen this sculpture for yourself you know that it really looked like this, some people probably think that I photoshopped it :D

Now this is what I call a solid entry for the colorful photography contest :D Awesome!

Thanks Petr :) But the praise goes to the artists of the sculptures, not to the photographer :p

Got pointed here by @for91days since it's the same artist as this one I posted: What a gorgeous sculpture! This artist sure loves REAL colour <3

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The showed the burning of this one (La Crema) on National Spanish TV .. we watched it live and heard the fireworks at the same time:

But that time we were already back from our Crema!

I think I am traumatised now, it is so sad to watch this beautiful sculpture burning.. At least if I can't see it live for myself!

It's so important to see them burn you need this closure after 3 weeks of Fallas! So you can move on.

ac khoo @ackhooMarch 2018

You're right - they look so like paintings or 3D renders! Amazing... I think it was also your captures from the right angles to best show them off! Cheers!
(I found you from claudiaz's post in World of Photography!)

I certainly spent a while figuring out the best angles for a shot!
I'm happy about the exposure I receive thanks to claudiaz's posts! :)

Wow what a cool sculpture, so colourful!

I remember seeing it and asking myself it it was designed just be photographed and posted in #colourfulphotography haha

hahaha it definitely looks that way!

Nice colourful shots ;)

Thanks :)

I really love how colorful the sculpture is, great shots as always :D

Thanks :) This was one of my favourite sculptures at Fallas

It definitely is one of my favourites too :D