Re: The 5 Budget-Friendly Country For You To Visit In Asia!!

Myanmar would also deserve a spot on the list, contrary to some spots in other countries in SEA it does not suffer from over-tourism yet and apart from the entrance fees enforced by the government, travelling here is ridiculously cheap, you can get a full meal for as low as 0.50 USD and I just went on a 11 hour train journey and paid less than 3$ for a comfortable first class seat!


That's a great suggestion. I haven't traveled there yet so, I couldn't possibly tell if it's one of the cheap countries to travel in. But, I am definitely glad to hear from you. Honestly, less than 3 dollars for the sweet ride?! That's insane. I'll definitely include it in the list soon enough :D


I stayed in two hostels in Yangon on different trips. The expensive one was $4 usd a night, the other was $2.50. I loved that place and everything was cheap.


That's insane! I wondered what can I get with just 5 bucks in an expensive country like Japan, Korea, and Singapore.