Most tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur have never heard of Putrajaya, the city that is the seat of the Malaysian government. It is a really weird place, but certainly worth a visit: The planned city was built from scratch during the 1990s Asian financial boom to serve as Malaysia's new seat of government.


18mm, f8, 1/60; Click on image to enlarge

With "jaya" meaning perfection, the architects had the highest possible plans for Malaysia's most prestigious project including various themed green spaces, artificial lakes, and a monorail. When the Asian financial crisis hit, the planners had to take a step back and many projects have never been completed. However, in 1999 the Malaysian government moved from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya.


22mm, f11, 1/500; Click on image to enlarge

Putrajaya was originally planned to provide a living space to 300,000 residents at the beginning of this millennium, but even with heavy subsidies for government workers, the population still is less than 100,000.

The pink Putra Mosque that can accommodate up to 15,000 people was almost the only place in the entire city where I met other people; the rest of the modern and clean city seemed like a ghost town.
The building with the green roof you can spot in the background is not another mosque, but the seat of the Malaysian prime minister.


35mm, f11, 1/250; Click on image to enlarge

I hope you enjoyed this view into Putrajaya and the Putra Mosque.

Camera Gear

The camera I used to capture this photo is a Sony A37 (APS-C) with a Sony DT 18-135 mm F3,5–5,6 SAM lens.