During the past week I added several features to the TravelFeed dApp, I wanted to complete the major frontend features before I start working on the backend.

Screenshot 20190113 at 08.45.03.png



Editor improvements, reply and children feature for comments

  • Improved editor: Added multiline (visual only) and maxlength (too long titles could lead to failure to submit the post) to title and tags
  • Add indicator for posts authored through the TravelFeed dApp
  • Load sub-comments
  • Add reply feature to comments
  • Add resteemed posts by team members to @travelfeed blog (since I publish some development posts regarding the dApp on my personal account)
  • Remove gif from image regex (gif animations were lost when caching through steemitimages)
  • Replace all steemit/busy/steempeak links with TravelFeed links
  • Filter out bot comments

Improve Dashboard

Restructured the dashboard from multiple pages into one page and several components. The drawer state (collapsed/expanded) is now constant over all dashboard pages and the content's padding is relative to the drawer.

Add profile editing to Dashboard & Clean parsed body from ads

Implement user comments & replies fetching into Dashboard

Comments and replies are now shown in the Dashboard replacing the placeholder page.

Progress Bar, Indicators for Dashboard, Improve Profile

  • Add loading progress bar
  • Add current page indicator to Dashboard
  • Add new options to dashboard home list
  • Display more infos on blog profile (additional profile fields from PR11 such as social media profiles, compatible to busy.org)

Improve follow button styles

Improve the styles of follow buttons

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