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JPPhotography @jpphotographyJanuary 2019 · 2 min read

During the past week I added several features to the TravelFeed dApp, I wanted to complete the major frontend features before I start working on the backend.

Screenshot 20190113 at 08.45.03.png


Editor improvements, reply and children feature for comments

  • Improved editor: Added multiline (visual only) and maxlength (too long titles could lead to failure to submit the post) to title and tags
  • Add indicator for posts authored through the TravelFeed dApp
  • Load sub-comments
  • Add reply feature to comments
  • Add resteemed posts by team members to @travelfeed blog (since I publish some development posts regarding the dApp on my personal account)
  • Remove gif from image regex (gif animations were lost when caching through steemitimages)
  • Replace all steemit/busy/steempeak links with TravelFeed links
  • Filter out bot comments

Improve Dashboard

Restructured the dashboard from multiple pages into one page and several components. The drawer state (collapsed/expanded) is now constant over all dashboard pages and the content's padding is relative to the drawer.

Add profile editing to Dashboard & Clean parsed body from ads

Implement user comments & replies fetching into Dashboard

Comments and replies are now shown in the Dashboard replacing the placeholder page.

Progress Bar, Indicators for Dashboard, Improve Profile

  • Add loading progress bar
  • Add current page indicator to Dashboard
  • Add new options to dashboard home list
  • Display more infos on blog profile (additional profile fields from PR11 such as social media profiles, compatible to

Improve follow button styles

Improve the styles of follow buttons

GitHub Account

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  • Good blog post, could use more images since this project is very visual.
  • Please add in some code samples and talk about your coding choices since this is a development article.
  • Great commit messages, awesome separation of concerns.
  • There is not one line of comments in the code, please write some in so that other contributors could feel at ease and understand the code.

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Thanks for the review! I really need to write more comments, I'm looking into best practices for js comments right now.


Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!


Hmm nice, I have to admit I still haven't used it buuut after the last 3 weeks, I have a lot of travelfeed material :) soo I guess I'll finally get my hands on it :)




Btw I've asked something on discord in #general.. regarding uploading pics


Already replied to you on Discord this morning ;)


Haha srry I was too lazy to check as I was half asleep, so thought I'll just ask hah :D going to check it out, srry :D


Loving all your work on @travelfeed recently @jpphotography; very impressed. Keep up the hard work and great results!


Thank you! I have to slow down with Travelfeed development at the moment since I'm travelling for the next two months.
Let us know if you have any issues or suggestions for TravelFeed!


Fantastic! Where are you travelling off to? I’m currently in NZ and will be in SE Asia for around 6 months. In any case, hope you enjoy your trip 👊🏼


Awesome! Where are you going in SEA? I am flying to Hanoi in two hours and will make my way through North & Central Vietnam, Laos and maybe Northern Thailand in the next two months


Fantastic! Currently planning Philippines in Feb and then very much TBC in March, potentially Laos (never been) and Thailand (would like to revisit). Let’s stay in touch and see if we overlap anywhere


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