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The Doraemon manga and anime had always been part of our childhood and we were excited to visit the Doraemon Museum (officially known as Fujiko F. Fujio Museum) in Kawasaki city. The museum was built to honour Doraemon's creator, Mr Hiroshi Fujimoto (pen named Fujiko F. Fujio), and it features lots of fun activities as well as display.


From Tokyo, it is just a 40 minutes train ride to Noborito Station. From there, we took the Doraemon bus to the museum. Tickets reservation is a must and can be bought at the Loppi station in most Lawson.

The museum has 7 concepts, mainly Manga, Playful Spirit, Science Fiction, Communication, New Discovery, Nature and Hospitality, catering to all generations, young and old.


Inside, there are much to explore. From exhibition room display works of Fujio san, to playrooms for the kids and a 100 seater theatre that screen works exclusive to this museum. We spent some time exploring the museum before heading to the open rooftop where most of the life size displays are. This is a wonderland for Doraemon fans!


The Anywhere Door. One of the most used items in the manga series. This door takes you to anywhere in the door!


This is the manga room, where visitors can grab a Doraemon manga and read.
Here is Doraemon reading himself while enjoying his favourite snack, the Dorayaki.

Most Doraemon manga/anime are short chapters/episode. There are, however, some long stories (known as 大長編Daichōhen) where Nobita and friends usually explore other worlds or universe. The stories are usually very good and emphasize on friendship.
This is the second Daichōhen, Nobita no Daimakyō.


As mentioned, prior reservation is required for visiting the museum. This is because the museum is opened to a limited number of visitors everyday. There are only 4 openings a day (at 1000hrs, 1200hrs, 1400hrs, and 1600hrs). If you missed the timing, you will have to wait for the next slot.
Even with a limited number of visitors each time, the Doraemon cafe is usually crowded with long queues. We did not manage to get in. Would love to try out the Dorayaki.


Doraemon is hugely popular in Asia even till today. If you are a fan of this robot cat, make sure to drop by the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum the next time you are in Tokyo.


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