What is so interesting about an old Fort? What does it represent? Certainly it represents the past in America. A time when things were simpler and certainly not as modern.

  • The Midwest of the US is called the “Heartland”. Indiana is one of those states in the Midwest with historical sites and locations which brings back memories.

  • This is a story of one of those smaller cities which really could be one of 1000’s of cities in the Midwest of America.

It’s quiet now in these smaller cities and plenty of colors when the Fall comes around.

You can look at this old fort and think it may be in Kansas or Illinois or another state in the Midwest.

These photos tell a story of time forgotten in many cases.

One of older cities in the Midwest is Fort Wayne in the State of Indiana. What makes Fort Wayne interesting to me is what we forget in America.

There is a term called “the heartland”. You here this term for the Midwest or middle part of the country (like the heart is in the middle of your chest). The “heart land” is still there....barely. It represents history. It represents the past and how this country was built as the settlers expanded west.

Not all towns in the US are New York, San Francisco or Chicago. Surprisingly, many of smaller towns are what made up our manufacturing capability. To this day there is still some in these smaller cities but much has moved out of the US.

There were smaller stores that supported these towns before the Walmarts came and drove small business out.It just the truth. Much of these small towns lost jobs forever with Walmarts and cheaper good from China. That was suppose to be progress.

These towns have customs and values going back many decades like all cities and countries. In Europe, you have buildings over 300 yrs old. In the US, the country is not even 300 yrs old.

This is Main Street USA. John Cougar is from Indiana. He wrote a song called “born in a small town” many years ago. That is what this country was built on ...along with the great progress of the cities like New York etc.

Simple cities with simple parks and right now these seem to be the safest places in America as everyone is keeping their social distance.

We remember these cities and if I had to predict, the more we have this virus and issues, the more we will have people looking to live and work remote from larger cities.

Here is to the “heartland” :-). !!! Have a wonderful day everyone ❤️🇺🇸 @julee