With all that is going on with Covid 19, we are now seeing a vast change in pollution in USA and other countries as they are essentially shut down for business
  • It made me think of the time I was traveling in California (near Palm Springs) and I would see hill after hill of these giant windmills use to harness the constant winds blowing through these hills and valleys.

  • We were driving in California and I could not get over the number of these giant machines. You don’t see many of these at all in the Southeast or other areas.


  • These windmills are huge. They look tiny as you look across the landscape because of the terrain. They harness the wind and save the energy to a battery that can be used.

  • Many people have claimed that livestock or cows take up valuable space and are not in line with the green movement. I am not of that opinion, but each are entitled to their views.
  • I learn that windmills are a very small percentage of the energy in the US. I would imagine that hydro electric power is more common in the use of the Colorado River in the West. The good part about this is the water is always running :-)

  • We are living in new times in this country and world. We are searching for new ways to compliment our use of oil. Maybe some day we will have more and more electric powered vehicles. But you really need to plan your trip well if you are going across several states since you need to stop to “recharge”.





We enjoyed our travel out West. Driving by car from SanFrancisco down to Las Vegas is quite a drive. You get a feel for the size of the country and it’s resources and know that these lands were here long before us and will be here long after we are gone

How many of us wouldn’t mind a nice little drive today ? Take care and stay healthy:-)
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