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Here I will be discussing and exploring some of the hidden travel hideaways on the south Cape coast of Africa. It's summer here now in the south and tourists are flocking to bask in the sun. The warm oceans are fantastic for swimming and surfing. Long open empty beaches of smooth pure white sand stretch for miles and offer pristine walks where you can see schools of dolphins daily, along with seals and rare indigenous birds, like the Oyster-catcher.

Besides that there are some exquisite indigenous forests to explore. Also you will find opportunities for adventure sports like cross country cycling, hiking, or zip line for the more daring.

The exchange rate is great for visitors from the north as the local ZAR Rand currency is around 14 to the dollar. ZAR 14/$1. That will make exploring the large coastline economical on your budget.

So be sure to add the African south coast known as the Cape to your travel list. The main city is Cape Town, though the entire province is called the Western Cape.

There's loads to explore in this large country so check it out. Next time I will reveal some of the beautiful beaches, as well as the rare indigenous flora, called "fynbos" not found anywhere else in the world and so prolific, that globally it is the most concentrated amount of various species of any floral region on the globe. Something interesting here for everyone who loves nature, the outdoors and good health.

See you soon on the next episode.

Picture taken with my smart phone camera on one of the best beaches on the continent. More about it in coming posts...

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