Another day in paradise all year long – Plettenberg Bay surfers’ hotspot of the world

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· January 2020 · 5 min read · South Africa · #traveladvice

Hey there digital nomads and happy campers, welcome to another episode of The Shape of the Cape with your roving reporter Julescape. Apologies for lack of photos, wifi bad here temporarily, possibly due to damaged undersea cables. Will update pics when I can. Nevertheless, It’s another day in paradise for me here on the south Cape coast of Africa, and you too can access paradise, if you are fortunate enough to hear form those who have already attained it. And that’s why I’m writing to tell you about it.

Paradise is a state of mind of course, but it is almost impossible to attain if you’re stuck in a hellish concrete jungle or urban mega-city, struggling to survive. Why work hard for someone else just so that you can have the money to buy the food and shelter to keep you alive to serve the profits of someone else. No one wants to live in a hellish condition simply to serve some stranger. No ways man, that is not living, that is not a life for me...or you.

That’s why I’m a permanent traveler and have chosen to forgo the need for anything other than a sense of freedom and liberation that travel brings me. Obviously I have designed a lifestyle according to my psychological and spiritual requirements, and it may not suit everyone. But everyone wants to be in paradise on earth, I presume. Well allow me to present it to you. It’s called Plettenberg Bay, in the Garden Route, South Africa.

The cost of living is cheap and the weather is fine all year long, making this the dream life. It exists, and I have found it, so free yourself guys. Life is short, get out of your prison of your mind or of the city that sickens you with its smog and crowding. Get out of that rut, that enslavement to a boss or to your own stressed mind, and come find your sanity, your health and your freedom, here at the beach.

It’s just common sense and it’s easy to attain. Sometimes the leap required from the old to the new, is the biggest hurdle, but once you land in the sand you will feel as if you have attained the goal of life. You can feel it here, as if you have made it to paradise. Hardly any bad weather all year long, cheap and easy living, clean fresh air and drinking water from the municipal taps, or $0.10 a litre for filtered water in the shop if you bring your own container. A loaf of the simplest bread is $0.50 though you can get a fancier loaf for up to $3.00.

I know of some travelers who have come to this part of the world and felt reluctant to leave. And I don’t blame them. This coastline is hard to beat. Who wants to live in the snow or smog when there is the sea? There is no need to subject yourself to harsh conditions on the planet when there are gentler conditions that promote fantastically good health and peace of mind simply due to the fact that you don’t actually have to work hard to get enough to survive.

We all enjoy travel and seeing new places and exploring the world, And I have traveled through Thailand, India, Mauritius and even Taiwan, but have yet to find a more life-affirming and sheltering shore than this one. Obviously I’m biased because I was born in the country, in Cape Town, but even that city has been improved upon by finding the Garden Route and particularly this bay, called Plett by the locals. Cape Town has some world class beaches but the water is freezing. The best beaches of the Cape of Good Hope are on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Cape peninsula, and it’s actually too cold to swim in – about 13C – for more than a few seconds. Here however, we have the Indian Ocean with sea temperatures around 21C. And you can swim for hours if you choose.

And if you enjoy outdoor adventure sports, you can find them here, in the form of bungee jumping from the world’s highest jump (216 meters) – at the Bloukrans Bridge, as well as paragliding or skydiving from Plett airport. This town is so sought after by the richest people in the world, that they built a little airport here. Jet setters fly their jets here from Cape Town or Johannesburg for the weekend, and you can get a little 12 seater propeller plane to fly you here too every weekend. No other town has that – because no other town is as attractive. Well, your sky diving plane takes off at Plett airport and you can do a tandem jump from 10 000 feet, with a 35 second free fall.

And that’s how they roll in paradise, aka Plett beach. So when you’re ready to liberate yourself from your cage, when you are ready to enter a life free from anxiety, then make your way here to the shores of this beautiful bay (Bahia Formosa), as the original Portuguese sailors called it centuries ago, and feel the breeze blowing through your hair while knowing what it feels like to be liberated.


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