One of the most beautiful aspects of the Garden Route area on the south Cape coast of Africa are the beaches. Here at the Shape of the Cape with Julescape I want to show you the travelers’ gems. I want you to know about the awesome sights that are available here, so I can write about it but to really appreciate the seaside treats, you may need to look at the photos or watch the little video clip.

We travel for a sense of adventure and because it allows us to grow with the experience, to learn and also to feel healthy in body, mind and soul. And good health is what you feel when accessing the fine long empty stretches of beach here on the south Cape coast of Africa. The healthy negative ions in the atmosphere on any coastline will invigorate and rejuvenate anyone in any condition, and this is particularly so along the southernmost shores of the African continent, which are still in the clean and pristine state, with hardly anyone around.

You may find a handful of locals on a weekend but other than that there is so much open space that just looking at it or basking in it makes me feel cleansed and refreshed. Our surroundings can affect our state of mind, not only the quality of the air but also the sights that we behold. As a result of being in such a pure, natural and picturesque scene, the mind is immediately uplifted and inspired. That’s what the coastline along the Garden Route does for the consciousness.

When nature itself comes up with such artistic creations in the rock formations, plants and other life, the whole world begins to look like an art gallery, or a museum. And sometimes even a temple – a sacred space where one can commune with the divine, with the source, or whatever that means to you personally. The Australian aborigines would find just that at Ayers Rock for example, and the Khoi San bushmen of southern Africa would be the same in their connection with natural places here on the coastline millennia ago. Similarly the Native Americans have their own holy grounds, made up of conspicuous natural rock formations or mountain sites.

And here today on this beach at Gericke’s Point, the natural formations appear similarly appealing and awe inspiring. Despite sometimes being “red in tooth and claw” nature can also appear inspirational in the way that it carves such harmonious looking features out of purely random elements, like wind, water and stone. Walking along the beach here is like admiring the monuments of great nations, except they are natural, so they connect one with an appreciation of life on Planet Earth as a whole.

Earth is our home for now, and it may have some difficult socio-political or environmental concerns at times throughout history, but all that is put into perspective just by coming to a place like Gericke’s Point beach, where the rocks and sea have been around for a lot longer than most societies and appear to be harmoniously simple but sublime in their raw beauty. It gives one a reinvigorated hope for life on earth as a whole in our current times when hope may be overshadowed by doubt and concern for the future of the planet.

If you want to experience the rejuvenating effect of nature, then be sure to come find the Garden Route along the south Cape coast of Africa and look for Gericke’s Point beach. It’s near the village called Wilderness on the N2 highway. Once you’ve parked at the cliff top, you simply walk down the long wooden stairway to the sandy beach below and you are in another realm, with hardly any people, lots of space and no worries mate, as they say down under.

Another day in paradise aka the Garden Route - Gericke's Point beach
Another day in paradise aka the Garden Route - Gericke's Point beach

If you like exploring this particular region of the planet, then be sure to stay in touch as I present another amazing beach next time on The Shape of The Cape, your travel channel from the deep south, with your host Julescape. Or check out some of my other posts on the region here on my travelfeed channel. Having traveled this region all my life, since my childhood over 40 years ago, I would be only too happy to show you around the place when you’re in the area, so look me up and we can explore the sites together. You can contact me via [email protected] and we can chat further.