Pools of peace on the cliffs of the south Cape coast of Africa

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· January 2020 · 4 min read · South Africa · #tourism

Today I managed to hike a bit further and explore some little-known parts of the vast undulating Garden Route shore line. The rocky, rugged craggy cliffs are seldom frequented by any more than a few fishermen, but today I set out and was amazed to come across some pools in a hidden stream. The Garden Route has experienced a few years of drought in the past decade, so any water feature has really become a noteworthy feature.

The recent summer rains have filled the ravines river beds with more flowing run off and today’s discovery of a rock pool on is a neat little treasure for the list. I am adding my discoveries like gems on a mantle piece. Each beautiful and often remote, often unseen by most locals spot is just as exquisite as the next.

The river probably has a name but I wouldn’t know it, though what I do know is that this is the place around which millionaires are currently buying up pieces of property one at a time. The view of the Indian Ocean to the south along with its sunrise daily, is just epic, majestic and totally uplifting to anyone who gets to see it on a daily basis. This is world class. Mostly it’s still barely frequented open cliff top landscape, with a few gravel paths. But things are changing.

On my hike I saw some new houses scattered here and there that have already arrived. Clever, or should I say wealthy, real estate buyers have invested in the piece of land with the world class view. When location is everything and the view is this impressive, then you have a gem of a scene. Well today I walk it alone in its last years of desolate and remote heath.

Garden Route cliff ravines where rivers run to the sea just below after the summer rains
Garden Route cliff ravines where rivers run to the sea just below after the summer rains

The river here today is a hopeful sign, and I see it as a transitory feature too. I’m presuming it’s seasonal and so for now I have captured it on film, published and added length to its lifespan, after it has invigorated mine. This is the treasure worth discovering and these rivers of gold come in other forms too. The exchange rate is really good for travelers to South Africa so you will find your journey cheaper than many other nations.

The peace and tranquility of these unexplored regions of the Garden Route coastline, make them interesting and much appreciated when you wish to find calm and tranquility, far from even mobile phone reception (except for emergency calls). I saw very few traces of people, except a small track toward the end of my bundu bash, which is probably used by local fishermen.

Next time you want to discover some lesser-known but still impressive part of the planet, then remember the Garden Route, which I would say is at the top of the list at the Shape of the Cape, with your host Julescape. It is the crown of the Cape coastline as it stretches at the foot of Africa.

For how long, one wonders, but for now these treasure destinations are still discoverable for those seeking to escape the heat or cold up north.

Look me up when you’re in the area and I will show you some of the hidden gems along the coast here. Otherwise check out some of my other blog posts about the Garden Route and discover how pure, vast and unspoiled it is. Situations change at any moment so now is the time to explore these hidden treasures of our beautiful earth planet, while they exist. Our beloved Mother Earth supports and energizes us by her frequency and atmosphere in places like this.


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