It was the tail end of Fall when my husband and I treated ourselves with a trip to South Korea last November 2019. I didn't have any single idea that I was already six weeks pregnant at that time, good thing the baby hang on there despite all the walking and running here and there.

Us in Nami Island, photo owned by the author
Us in Nami Island, photo owned by the author

Anyway, this blog is about the kindness we experienced on our way to the airport going home.


Our budget showed that we only have enough won to take the bus from where we were staying towards the airport on our last night in the city of K-pop and K-dramas.

It was just enough but the problem was that we took the wrong bus from Myeongdong to our hotel. Bummer! It was my fault and I was sorry about it, my husband accepted the apology but then, this caused us to take the train instead of the comfortable bus from our hotel to the airport.

A random bus in South Korea, photo owned by the author
A random bus in South Korea, photo owned by the author

So from a random place after dropping from the wrong bus, we ended up taking a taxi to our hotel so we could grab our pieces of stuff. The cab fare ate all our budget. It was stressful because we were running out of time already.

Upon reaching our hotel, we still had to buy dinner. The airport was around an hour away and we only have two hours to go so as not to miss the plane.

We rarely took the train during our entire trip, we took it only when we did a DIY trip to Nami Island and so we were not very familiar with the way from our hotel. It was cold, I was keeping my walking pace fast to make sure we could get the train that would ensure we won't miss the plane. Mind you, I could literally taste blood in my nostrils as the cold air enters it and I was almost running.

The Train Switch

Then the map which we had been following advised us to switch trains and here comes the issue: we can't figure out where the other train entrance was!

We were walking around a certain area being pointed by the map but we can't find it! We were frustrated, almost about to cry thinking we will miss our plane! And was really hard to ask for help as most Koreans don't understand or speak English. We were out of hope at some point!

I could somehow see in my husband's face the disappointment and I know I was the one to blame because of that Myeongdong to hotel bus error! It was all my fault but my husband didn't say a word and I appreciate that.

Our K-Hero!

Then came a lady walking past us, she seemed in a hurry too but I took courage! I asked her if I could get some favor and she was kind enough to say yes.

The lady above is just a random Korean, not necessarily the K-hero, photo owned by the author
The lady above is just a random Korean, not necessarily the K-hero, photo owned by the author

I was trying to show her the map and good thing she speaks English clearly! Thanks, heavens!

She was so kind to even show us the way which was a little farther from where we were positioned. She led us to this building where the train entrance has to be accessed by a lift. It was a tricky spot but she was again so kind as to guide us and finally, we were back on track!

I missed asking for her name but nonetheless, we were really grateful for the kindness she showed us by gracing us her time and effort. If she didn't come at the right time, we might have missed our plane and perhaps would have spent a lot of won to rebook our tickets!

Thank you, random Korean lady, for your kindness to this Filipino couple!

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