Today we are starting a series of posts dedicated to the city of Belgorod Dniester and Akkerman fortress. As an introduction, we offer a brief historical background on the fortress and the area where it is located.

From Tyra to the present day

The historical and architectural monument of 13-15 centuries is of strategic importance. The significance of the fortress can be judged by the fact that all the walls, fortifications are in excellent condition. Here, not only the wall itself, but also numerous interior spaces have been preserved.

In the 4th century BC, the ancient Greek city-state of Tire was founded on the site of the fortress. It belonged to the city-states of the Northern Black Sea Coast. Archaeologists have been able to unearth the streets, houses and other structures of the ancient city. If we analyze all the findings, then we can conclude that Tira was of great strategic importance in the North-West of the Black Sea region. Pay attention to the fact that on the right side of the entrance to the fortress excavations of ancient Thira are being conducted.

In the time of Rus, the city received the name: Belgorod. In the 14th century, the city came under the control of the Principality of Moldova. It was at this time that the construction of the Belgorod-Dniester fortress began. The construction itself lasted 2 centuries.

In the 15th century, the city and the unfinished fortress fell under the control of the Turks. The Ottomans gave the fortress a modern name: Akkerman. Translated, it means: White stone. Please note that the fortress is built of limestone. Accordingly, white color prevails.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the fortress became the property of the Russian Empire. In the middle of the same century, it was losing its strategic importance.

Some features of the fortress

From the 14th to the 15th centuries, a reliable fortification was built around the fortress. It consisted of several parts:

- the citadel;

- Genoese castle;

- north and south port courtyards. North was still considered garrison.

Scientists believe that the most ancient is the citadel. They believe that it was built by the Genoese. This happened in the 13th century. This is a 4-coal structure, in the corners of which are located watchtowers. In the south wall, an entrance gate was realized. The courtyard housed living quarters and a chapel. Walls with a thickness of 5 meters and a height of 15 ended with merlons and roofs that looked like a cone. To this day loopholes have survived.

Basements were equipped under the tower. Ammunition was stored there. The upper tiers had their own, strictly defined purpose. In particular, the prison was located in the southwestern tower. In the northwest - the treasury. Southeast - commandant.

Announcement: a little later we will tell you a couple of legends for the two towers of Akkerman fortress. Well, next time we will pay attention to one of the estuaries. Which one you will find out later. Do not miss updates.

Material by: @jurgan

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