It's time to turn in the direction of geography and history. In particular, we’ll now talk about the city of regional significance Belyaevka. It is located on the banks of the Dniester and Lake Bely.

History of Belyaevka


In the territory of the modern Belyaevsky district, burial mounds and settlements of ancient people were discovered. Here were discovered: settlements of antiquity (VI – V centuries BC), Scythian times (V – IV centuries BC), burials of the Bronze Age and Sarmatian time (II – I centuries BC) e.). In addition, there are traces of people from the beginning of the New Era.

The settlement itself was founded in 1790. The documents mention that Zaporozhye Cossacks and the Black Sea troops settled here. Some Yesaul Niyakiy wrote that the families of the Cossacks settled with. Golovkovki. In those days, 25 Cossack families and several dozen peasant households lived here.

The origin of the name Belyaevka


There are 2 versions of the appearance of the name.

First of all, all researchers associate the name Belyaevka with Lake Bely, on the banks of which this settlement was founded. Many experts consider this version to be the main one.

But other researchers believe that the city is named after the first ataman of the Black Sea army S.I. Bely. Historians indicate that almost 80% of the lands of the Belyaevsky district at the end of the 18th century belonged to this noble Cossack. Here is his last name and formed the basis for the name of the settlement. By the way, Belyaevka received the status of the city in 1979.

Belyaevka today


We can safely say that the city and the region not only feeds, but also feeds Odessa. Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, cabbage, cherries and cherries are brought from the region to the regional center for sale. But, besides this, purified water is supplied to Odessa from the Dniester.

Locals welcome the guests of the town. They cannot rejoice at the changes that have taken place over the past 10 to 15 years. In particular, they rebuilt a new school and Kindergarten. A large hospital works here.


Separately, we note that a tourist visit center operates and offers quality service. As for me, Belyaevka is one of those regions of the region where "green tourism" is developing. Here you can relax both on the banks of the Dniester and next to Lake Bely. By the way, White Lake is part of the Lower Dniester National Park. It is flowing and connects to the Dniester and its tributary, the Turunchuk River. The park itself is located in three regions: Belyaevsky, Belngorod-Dniester and Ovidiopolsky areas.


There are many small islands on the lake where various birds nest. In the park you can find rare animals. The water surface of the lake itself is covered with White Lilies. It is White Lily that is considered a symbol of the city.
The area of ​​the lake is 1.3 square kilometers. Length: 1.7 kilometers. Width: 800 meters. But you need to speak separately for the lake.

In the very center of the city is a small church, opened in honor of St. George the Victorious. Nearby is a memorial to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, Afghans and a monument to victims of repression.


I’ll tell you frankly, when I’m traveling in the Belyaevsky district, I rest my soul. There are magnificent natural attractions. Each corner has its own unique flavor. Next time we will talk for the village of Mayaki, Belyaevsky district.

Material by: @jurgan

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