Today we will talk about the village. Yes, the Odessa region is not only a city, a city park and famous villages of tourist value, located on the beach, but also ordinary, small, significant settlements. Let's talk about the village of Kos in Kotovsky district (Podolsky).

Location and general information

The village is 5 km away. from the city. On account - the third. This large settlement was founded in 1787. The area of ​​the village is 1.85 square kilometers. The length of the lake is 3 km. This lake is considered to be the largest on the territory of the Kotovsky district. Population: slightly more than 1000 people.

How to get from Railway Station of Kotovsk

You need to take a minibus №: 2, 2А. We reach the stop "Kosyansky moving". You can take the shuttle bus number 1. Then you need to get to the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Further we move on foot to the Kosjan crossing. Past the church go to the turn. We turn right and until the move. Just after the move, turn left.

Before you the outskirts of the city and the beginning of the. Westerners. Then there are two options. Move on foot or catch a ride. You can call a taxi. From the railway station the cost of the trip will be 100 - 120 hryvnia. From the Kosjan moving - 80 hryvnia.

A walk through the village and rest

The village begins with the Village Council.
In front of this large building is a park. Curiously, a cozy children's playground was built in the park.

Several buildings bring a lot of joy to the kid. Parents can relax in the shade of the trees from the daily hustle and bustle.

Separate attention deserves a monument to defenders of the Motherland, who fought for our bright future with fascist Germany!

The golden color of the monument attracts everyone's eyes. He evokes in our souls a sense of pride for his ancestors.

Here is the lake! It's great.

This is a real paradise for fishermen.

There are different kinds of fish. Personally, I pulled here crucian carp, tench, podleschika and lyascha, perch, red ruff, ruff, pike, carp and thick-flesh. In addition, there are many large cancers. Villagers say that they launched a white cupid here. That is, you can always enjoy a wonderful holiday with a fishing rod in hand. There are many bridges along the coast.

There are 2 main beaches. It: "Ibiza" and central.

The first beach is located next to the central boating. The second is located approximately in the center. You can rent a boat for a boat trip on the lake. The price is negotiable.

Now a church is being built in the village.

It is located next to the central boating. That is, in the center of the village. At the moment there is a small church, or rather a room for services. The new is being built side by side.

Near the village there are many coniferous forests. Fans of quiet hunting can relax here. In the forests you can collect oil, russula, podubnikov and champignons. In mixed stands, there are pigs, Polish and hare mushrooms. In oak forests I collect an ordinary liverpecker. In the fall a lot of sweat.

Personal impressions

I often go to Kosy not only to fish and mushrooms, but also just - to dip. In the village there are several shops and one cafe. Then they sell instant coffee and fresh kvass. Attracts the fact that the village is located near the city. You can order a taxi and go.

Come to visit us! We will find what to surprise and amaze you!

Authors: @jurgan and @altenor

Editing: the editorial board of the community "VP-Odessa-Mama"

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