About the Passage is written a lot. Each guest of Odessa is eager to share his impressions of visiting the famous Passage Hotel. It does not matter whether he lived there or not. But, many residents of the city and the region have their own personal impressions. Especially if the hotel "Passage" played a role in the life of a person. I'm not an exception.

Now I decided to tell about some events in my life that are connected with this famous hotel located on Deribasovskaya.
History of the founder of the community @vpodessa

It all began in the distant 2001. Yes, 17 years ago. I, at that time, a young man, went to work in Odessa. Already at that distant time, I worked only for myself. I started trading.

When I arrived in Odessa, I began to immediately evaluate those or other types of earnings. Since I lived in the Greek Square, in the former house of the book (the balcony faces Deribasovskaya), a lot of tourists daily swept past my view. Several taxis were stopping at the square. In addition, the Cathedral Square is also nearby.

Walking around the City Garden, I realized that you should not waste money. Began to sell tea and coffee for bottling. In the summer, I added soft drinks to my assortment.

So, my route passed through the Passage. There were more than 15 customers who bought coffee and tea several times a day. Once, following the route, in Passage I was offered to work as a salesman. Considering that I did not run around with the cart for a whole day, I decided to agree. At the same time, he offered his terms. I received a percentage of sales. Just during this period I got quite a considerable experience in the trade. Although, before that, I worked as a seller in the Kotovsk market.

Simultaneously with the work I studied. I recall that I studied at the Faculty of History of the University. Mechnikov. I was a part-time student. That's how I worked for almost 2 years. Then there was a rather long break. I worked and lived in the Kotovsky district.

He returned to work in Odessa in 2 years, in 2004. Again in my life was the Passage. I applied to the employment agency, which was located in the hotel. It has 2 entrance, 2 floor. I was offered a choice of several vacancies. In the end, I went to work for a security agency. After 5 years, I again appealed to the same agency.

Unfortunately, the second appeal proved to be ineffective. But the Passage did not let me go empty-handed.

As soon as I left the Passage for Deribasovskaya, I saw my former classmate. He worked as a guide. Remembering that I specialize in studying and restoring history and collecting folklore, he offered me the place of a guide. But! He suggested that I choose the route by myself. After a short meeting, we decided that I would work with the Passage, Cathedral Square, Noble and Greek. My route ended with the Old Kirche. As you can see, again the Passage became a companion of life.


I will not focus on the history of the Passage. I want to share my impressions about the hotel itself.

You pay attention to the design! The first thing that catches your eye is the splendor of stucco. The most important figures are Mercury and Fortune. The gods control everything that happens from the height of the Passage. Yes, they are on the roof! At the same time, Fortune lights the way for the sailors. The rooms are decorated in the same style. I agree with the opinion that the Passage is the best work of the architect Lev Vlodek.

When you walk around the halls, there is a feeling that only angels and gods are around you. Greatness is felt at every step. I hope that the photos were able to convey this greatness.

Address and how to get there

The passage is located at: Deribasovskaya 33.

From Railway Station I recommend to go to the Passage on foot. This will allow you to enjoy the air of the city itself. On the way you will be able to get acquainted with various sights and walk through ancient streets.

From Railway Station we move to the main entrance to Privoz, turn to Prospect Mira. Now all the time straight - to Deribasovskaya. As soon as you step onto the main street of the city, turn left. We rise to Preobrazhenskaya. Frankly, do not miss the Passage!

Author: @jurgan
Editing: the editorial board of the community "VP-Odessa-Mama".

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