The village of Velikiy Dalnik is attractive not only because it is located on the river Dalnik, but also because the church of St. George the Victorious is built and operates here.

Historical background and official information

This settlement belongs to the Belyaevsky district. Veliki Dalnik is located 14 kilometers from Odessa. According to the 2001 census, 7,655 people live in the village. Subordinate to the Village Council is the village of Chervony Rasselenets.

The Great Dalnik was founded in 1795. According to unconfirmed reports, the village was founded by refugees from the Central and Western parts of Ukraine. In addition, several dozens of Cossack families settled here.

In Soviet times, the Great Dalnik was able to survive the invasion of the Nazis. He survived during the formation of Ukrainian statehood.

Great Dalnik today

At the moment, the village lives in agriculture. Greenhouse facilities are well developed here. Separately, pay attention to fishing.

R. Dalnik flows into the Dry Estuary. The name comes from the Krimsko-Tatar - a place that is overgrown with bushes. Yes, if you look closely at the river, we see that most of it is overgrown with reeds and a small shrub. In the upper part of the river, often in the summer, dries up. But we are not talking for the river Dalnik itself, but for fishing.

Several lakes have been built here, where there are: crucian carp, carp, grass carp, rudd, perch and lash. That is, for those who like to relax on the shore of a reservoir with a fishing rod in their hands, there is a place here.

Church of St. George the Victorious

The laying of the temple took place in 2003. Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel with his own hands laid a capsule with the relics of the Patriarch of Constantinople martyr John the Fifth.

There is one interesting point. The construction of the temple itself began in 2002. When Agafangel held a service and consecrated the construction, the lower temple was already built. The main merit is that the temple was built, belongs to Archpriest Leonid Podlubny. He, after receiving blessings for the construction of the temple in with. Great Dalnik, zealously set to work. During the year he was able to build the Lower Temple, in which services began to be held.

Today, services are held in a special room, which is consecrated by the Metropolitan. This is due to the fact that the construction of the Church of St. George the Victorious has not yet been completed. All construction work is carried out with funds raised by parishioners. There are several philanthropists who were able to donate quite large sums for the construction of the temple.

The Day of St. George the Victorious is considered the temple holidays of the village of Great Dalnik. Yes, there is still a lot of work. But the villagers are ready to help build the temple with both money and their own labor.

Thus, the village of Velikiy Dalnik attracts not only by the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, but also relax on the banks of the river Dalnik. Here is a wonderful fishing. Believers can attend services at the Church of St. George the Victorious.

Come to visit my place. All the guests of the village are welcome here!

Material author: @jurgan and @ pressa-odessa


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