Re: Khmerican Family Abroad | #7 🌳 A Forgotten Noni Empire 🍈

Noni's up there. I bet it's probably in the horn of Africa too. Vomit, pineapple, sweaty socks and blue cheese are just a few of the adjectives I've heard people who have tried it say. I appreciate it's taste, and like sipping it ice cold with a spliff after a meal.

Funny enough durian smells good to me, but tastes horrible. This is the opposite of what most people experience.

joshman @joshmanSeptember 2019

Sounds wonderful.

I even tried durian candy, and went to a fancy bakery in BKK(forget the name) to have their famous durian cake. Still no dice lol


Jackfruit is where it's at anyways. My old town Kampot, in Cambodia, is supposedly home of the world's best durians, even putting a durian fruit roundabout in the center of town. Due to this, Cambodian tourists flock to purchase them, and the prices skyrocket. All this activity makes jackfruit very cheap, sometimes a fruit the size of a human torso for $2 or less. I'll stick with the less stinky cousins jackfruit and breadfruit, but no durian for me too.