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     Well, to my knowledge, I hear kombucha is a bit beer-like, and has very small amounts of alcohol. I am strictly Ital, so I have never tried it because of this reason. However, I think kombucha is very similar to another drink we used to make called "ginger bug", a lactofermentation simliar to kimchi or sauerkraut.

     I think if you have alkaline fruits and vegetables, or Caribbean style bitter drinks, you might like it. All in all, I think it's hit and miss. We used to give out free shots to customers in our restaurant, because most people have never heard of it. I would say from giving it to the random masses chilled and sweetened with a bit of palm sugar, we received about a 50/50 ratio of those who like versus hate it. If you're in the USA you can probably buy a liter of noni for between $20 and $40 form a health food store or an Asian market.

Kristina Q. @oheyoSeptember 2019

Nice - thanks for the detailed response! You've convinced me to give noni juice a chance 😅

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Give it a try, although the stuff from the stores in the USA is pasteurized, so it's a bit dead, but the only way you're gonna get your hands on fresh juice would be from Florida perhaps, but I can't honestly say I've ever seen or heard of anyone growing it there; I just figure the climate is possible.