Again I had the opportunity to visit a new skiing area where I haven't been before as yet ( and honstly, I've been to a lot of skiing areas actually) and this week Fieberbrunn was the lucky winner.


Fieberbrunn is located in central Austria and is about 70 kms away from Innsbruck. It also has a trainstation for the people who decide to not drive in but fly and drive. This time I came by car as my roadtrip pre fun states and indeed the road going there from Switzerland was as well hilarious as well super beautiful. Driving past the Walensee CH, past the Arlberg towards Innsbruck, through Ellmau seeing loads of slopes already on our way towards there was absolutely not a punishment.

The thing I noticed the most on my way towards Fieberbrunn was the ridiculous amount of snow EVERYWHERE. Mid Austria has been bombed over the last couple of weeks by the white gold and literally every road on the country side that we drove over was digged out between snow walls from about 1.5 meter high. I honestly think I have never seen anything like it before at this relatively low altitude. Spectacular!


Fieberbrunn is connected to the skiing area of Saalbach-Hinterglemm and with your skiing pass your can easily reach there. Now of course natural elements can prevent this from actually happening. For instance by us the connecting gondola was closed because of gale force winds on the summit. Bummer but this is just what happens.

Now for us luckily there was also a bit of sunshine to be found, which really improves the quality of your mountain time I find. Not seeing a thing aint no fun! This is what you get when you are in that lower hanging cloud


But hey we live, we learn. It's not all only about making those snow kilometers but also about the whole trip and having fun with the people you are with. This is now easily for me to say as I am in the snow almost every week, but back in the days..ow mennnn....I would have had stress when I wasn't able to ski. I'm enjoying the other sides of Wintersport at the moment a lot actually. Wellness, swimming and ofcourse the social aspect of just chilling with a beer. Fieberbrunn, you are also approved!!!