In the Northwest hills of the island of Mallorca you will find the small town called Soller. In the summers most likely the hottest place on earth due to the lack of wind, but in the preseason a fine place of life and how layed back it can be.

Welcome to Soller!

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One of the most iconic things of Soller surely must be the old train tracks, which lead you directly from the city centre of Soller to the nearby port and beach place Puerto Soller.

Every hour or so (I can imagine it is less in the pre season, compared to the high season) this train takes the scenic route from the ocean side directly into the city heart. And as you can see the train passes really through the city centre, almost riding over you feet when you are enjoying your drink. Not to worry, in the heart of the town it only drives at walking pace which is perfect to get a good glimpse of this old rascal.

Walking around in Soller centre especially when the sun is getting lower is really fun to do actually. Also on the main square where all of the terraces are located and the train passes by, there is also a beautiful cathedral which you can see from every roof top in town.

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Due to covid no going in for sightseeing ofcourse, but I can imagine that normally this place is packed on a Sunday morning.

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On this same square currently you can also find this fountain of oranges and lemons. In the valley where Soller lies in, there are endless fields of orange trees which are currently all almost ready to pluck.

The taste of the oranges is just really sweet and I guess they have had enough sunlight over the season to really get that flavor in there. This fountain feels a bit like a sense of pride towards the orange production and I can also imagine the gods are also happy with this sacriface for good virtue

Classic style

Apart from the small little street which you actually can get lost in, all with yellow outsides to protect the inside from the sun, there are also some classical buildings to be found.

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One of them is the classical grand hotel which with its outsides it looks like it was made in the beginning of the previous century. The combination of the white with the palmtrees looks super stylish and just very fun.

For some reason grand hotels have the tendency to keep everything in old style. I guess that would mean a lot of wood on the inside of of building. Are you on the hunt for this hotel? It is quite hidden actually an you would miss it when passing by and not paying too much attention.

But the real eyecatcher from this hotel:


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This original1930 Bugatti roadster is showcased outside of the hotel. Almost with pain in your heart because surely the weather must not be the best for the car, but damn what a beauty to see.

I don't have a great love for cars but I get carried away in thoughts with these kinds of cars of how they were made and how it survived all of these years. And it is just standing here!

Soller is just a very sweet mountain town which felt layed back but very much alive because of the city centre activities.

I don't know how all of this is in high season because Mallorca is currently nowhere near its full capacity, but for this actualy phase now Soller is a fantastic place to be. With the scenic route to reach this town through the mountains is worth a trip on its own, and also the nearby ocean place Puero Soller deserves a visit on itself.