The Japanese are known for their longevity, and a healthy diet contributes to their long life. In Japanese cuisine, fish, seafood and seaweed are very popular. The most known varieties of these edible sea algae are nori, kombu and wakame.


Kombu - it is the basis of a decoction that is used to make many Japanese soups (so-called dashi broth). Color: dark brown, almost black. Interestingly, it is a natural source of monosodium glutamate and gives dishes a taste of umami, i.e. meat taste. They are sold in the form of dried sheets, covered with sth white - sea salt.

Nori - often wrapped in sushi. They are sold as thin, ironed, green patches. Nori contains the most protein from all seaweed and is easily digestible.

Wakame - are the most popular type of algae in Japan, they are called water fern. They can be eaten raw or added to soups or salads. Wakame algae chips are popular in Japan.


I had wakame seaweed in my soup. They were a bit "chewy" but pleasant in taste. Narutomaki turned out to be an interesting addition. It's a kind of kamaboko, or fish cookie, with a characteristic pink, wrapped pattern inside.


In addition to hot dishes, you could buy onigiri, a popular Japanese snack - rice wrapped with seaweed with filling, which can be Japanese marinated plums, fresh or dried tuna, grilled salmon, cod, vegetables (usually grilled or marinated) or seafood (deep fried).


The restaurant where I ordered the soup was at the Kyoto station. You can see that it was designed for people who want to eat a meal quickly and alone. Most of the tables had no seats, people were eating dishes standing up. Some tables had a sort of screen in the middle that prevented the people sitting opposite each other from seeing each other. It reminded me a little of the a place to vote in an election. And what do you think about this solution? I think that it was possible to put high seats there, like in bars. I don't like the idea of standing up in a restaurant. Fortunately, there was a table with several seats on the side and we could eat our delicious soups.