The second most popular beach on Zamami is called Ama. It is known for the fact that turtles swim in the surrounding waters and even if you swim near the shore you can see them from close range. We went to this beach in the evening - the first day, just after arriving at the island. Ama is different than Furuzamami. Less spectacular, in my opinion - low-key. On the sand you can find a lot of fragments of dead corals. I was quickly absorbed in collecting them. They had various shapes, interesting textures. What I liked the most were those forming round circles with numerous stripes and small pieces that were given an unusual shape by nature. In some, the holes created inside looked like eyes ... see for yourself. Imagination suggests different ideas for what they could present. What can you see there? :)



Near the beach of Ama there is a dog statue. His neck is wrapped in a burgundy shawl resembling a Christmas garland, and at his feet there are a lot of gifts in the form of magnificent shells. The monument was created to commemorate the remarkable dog - Marilyn. There is a beautiful story to do with it, so I'll tell you. Well, in 1986, the Nakamura searched for his dog Shiro all day. The dog didn't show up until evening and was wet. The situation repeated for several days. Mr. Nakamura decided to check where his pet disappears all day. When the dog left the house the next day, its owner followed him. The dog went to the beach, then jumped into the water and began to swim ahead. Mr. Nakamura owned a boat, so he followed the dog. It turned out that Shiro reached the neighboring island - Zamami (Nakamura lived on the island of Aka). Then the dog ran towards another dog - the female Marilyn and played with her for a long time. Then the owner remembered that Shiro liked to play with Marilyn very much when they lived on the island of Zamami. This summer they moved to the smaller island - Aka. The dog missed his beloved companion and decided to come to her every day. This happened for many years, until Marilyn's death. Soon after, Shiro also died (he was 17 at the time). There are dog monuments on both islands. At Zamami - Marilyn's, and on the island of Aka is the monument of Shiro. This amazing love story even has a movie titled "I want to meet Marilyn" and Shiro has the nickname "Zamami’s Hachiko".


When we sat on the beach, we noticed people swimming on a board with an oar on"paddle boards", and a moment later a wonderful - pink and purple sky color appeared to us.



On the way back we went to a local restaurant. It looked like a typical island place to eat sth. A huge windmill worked hard on the ceiling, and the people were dressed very loosely. Added to this was the Japanese atmosphere, i.e. the lack of typical chairs and high tables, but the wooden spaces where you can sit on cushions and low tables.
Japanese programs were coming from a large TV.



We ordered a delicious gurukun fish with rice and salad. It's good that the menu had the names of dishes written in English because the local waitress didn't know the language well. During my stay in Japan, I was surprised that many Japanese do not know English in very touristy places. I expected it to be difficult in Zamami, but even in Tokyo, near the most famous monuments or in shops near tourist attractions, I often found people who only communicated in Japanese.


In the town there are many small streets. I liked walking around them, even after dusk. It's very safe in Japan, so even though I was in a foreign country, I didn't feel that something bad could happen to me.



Not far away from the apartment buildings there is the beach. With pleasant white sand, mesmerizing blue water and a huge amount of underwater attractions to see ( I wrote more about them in my other article: https://steemit.com/travel/@katiefreespirit/zamami-the-island-of-dreams-in-japanese-hawaii ). I miss this amazing place. Maybe someday I'll be back :)



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