Hey guys,

tonight is about our second last evening in Rostock. Whereby, only the second last evening of my mother and me there - because after that we went alone to dinner again, without my sister. She studies in Rostock and wanted to spend the rest of the semester there.

We wanted to finish the evening at the port of Rostock, more precisely at the restaurant Borwin. It's located directly at the harbour and if mna is lucky you can get a seat outside - but even then you should book a table in advance - it's probably the most popular restaurant in Rostock, if you don't count the steakhouse. Unfortunately we had no luck with a seat outside, but it was nice inside too ;) All under Corona conditions of course!

Now to the restaurant itself:The food is there, even if a bit expensive (one reason why we always eat there only with our parents, for students it is ledier just a bit too expensive ;))) very tasty! It is natural because at the sea mainly a fish restaurant, so here you can find everything with fish. I ordered a plate with salmon and salad and nuts, very tasty! The staff is also super nice.

After dinner we walked a little bit along the harbour and had a look at the sailing boats. We also passed the replica of the Rostock harbour pedal crane - admittedly not very spectacular but I like such historical "buildings", even if they look a bit smaller and are not very impressive.

The original crane was already sold and demolished in 1867. With this type of crane, loads are lifted by winding a rope onto the axle drum of a treadwheel, often a pair of wheels. Even the ancient Romans knew this technique! From the 13th to the 16th century, pedal cranes were primarily made entirely of wood, like the Rostock crane. The Rostock harbour crane was the last new construction of its kind. During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century, lifting technology was replaced by newly developed, more effective methods.

Now let's talk about pedal cranes - in fact, I didn't even know that something like this existed or what it is ;)

In fact the city harbour of rostock is not so unknown! Together with Warnemünde, the city harbour is the scene of the Rostock Hanse Sail, which takes place every year in August. Unfortunately, this year it has to be cancelled because of Corona, which is a pity - especially because I wanted to visit my sister in Rostock at that time. Kitesurfing would probably not have worked out at that time anyway.

I hope you didn't get too envious with the photos of the dinner (joking aside haha). No, I hope you liked my post and we will see each other again next time, probably it will be my last mail about Rostock. See you next time!