In Australia, my sister and I were snorkeling a total of 3 times. we are not diving because we have no diving license. But we really want to make up for that in a timely manner!

Our last time we snorkeled in the north-east of Australia, more precisely in the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns.

In Cairns we spent a week. On this day we were picked up by a bus from our hostel and drove to a larger port. Already there we noticed that there would not be a few passengers on the ship. Before, we had regularly booked smaller tours, so as not to witness "mass tourism". There were even "locks" we had to pass before we got on the ship. We booked a Sunlover Reef Cruises Tour. There were mainly families and older people on board, we had only seen a few other backpackers.

The price of the tour was fine, we have paid total about $ 150 for both of us. In addition, there was a buffet, boarding, diving suits, snorkeling gear and plenty of time to snorkel.

The crossing to the Great Barrier Reef took about 1, 5 hours. Also during the trip there was food. When we arrived, we went directly into the water. We had wondered how the organization would be on board with so many people, but it worked out fine. Everyone was able to gather their diving equipment and then they were assigned to a sector where they could snorkel. The snorkeling area was separated by visible lines. During the break you could serve yourself at a buffet, there were many different delicious dishes. So that no one remained in the water, a loud sound was often played at the end of the time. In between there were fish feeding at certain times. There were some larger fish, which turned red in the "food fight", which was funny to see. We were told that these fishs were then aggressive and we should better not move into the heap.

Although there was an overall not so nice atmosphere because of the many people (it was about 100-200), we would book the tour again. The water world was once again very different than the other two tours. While there were not so many colorful fish on the other tours, it was totally different here. We even saw purple fish! We also discovered a few turtles.

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