A place near the orto Botanico di brera - not a place at the botanical garden itself. Here we looked for some benches after visiting the garden and sat down

Hey guys, today it's about our city trip to Milan. Again, we were only there for one day, which I would definitely change from today's point of view (take a look at my post yesterday). Nevertheless we enjoyed the day here very much and tried to see as much of the city as possible and take it with us.

We went there with a Flixbus from Verona. The trip cost us about 30 Euro per person, which was reasonable.

When we arrived in Milan we first visited the bigger sights (I'll tell you about that soon, I promise ;)) and then we looked for a place to relax - and there we were in a botanical garden, the Orto Botanico di Brera. It was really rather coincidence and not planned - I think that's what makes for great sights, which you haven't seen on your screen yet. I immediately thought back to the botanical Australia. Sure, the gardens can hardly be compared with each other. The botanical gardens in Australia are felt to be a hundred times bigger. But the small garden in Milan also had something. For example that you could not get lost ;)

A house wall completely overgrown with plants

We liked the botanical garden very much. As soon as we entered it we noticed that it is a very quiet place, everyone was quieter or more quiet. Here there were also clearly less tourists than at the typical sightseeings. The garden is great for a little snack in between. For a picnic maybe less, because there is no lawn for a picnic blanket to sit on. But instead there are a few benches under shady trees with a view to the garden. The garden itself hardly had any colourful flowers, instead there were rather tropical plants or palms. But I did not find this bad at all, instead, there was this typical rain forest scent in the air. Also very practical: If it is very warm in Milan and you wish to have a small shower, the sprinkler systems here are exactly the right thing ;)

The garden is also bordered by a red building, which is itself overgrown with plants. In fact, there was a wall of the house that was completely overgrown with ivy - only the balcony could be seen. I liked it very much that the garden was still a little bit overgrown with ivy, so to speak, on the adjoining properties, which became part of the garden. It resulted in a uniform picture. So if you need a relaxed place in the middle of Venice, I can highly recommend the Orto Botanico di Brera. There is also a fountain in the middle of the garden. Some of the plants come from different regions of the world, which you can find out on the labels next to the plants. The garden is free of charge and there is a cafe and toilets in the immediate vicinity.

A fountain in the middle of the garden

Next to most plants you will find labels. They tell you what kind of plants they are and where they come from

Right next to the garden there is another art academy, the Brera Academy. If you want to have a look at the academy or are near the garden anyway, just drop by. It's a great retreat to relax and it won't cost you anything. Good to get away from all the tourist hustle and bustle in Milan for a few minutes and get some new energy ;)