Hey guys,

Today I'm going to tell you about our last day in Rostock - after four beautiful days we had to say goodbye again - with a heavy heart. And not only from Rostock, but also from my sister. She wanted to stay there, because she will write her physics exams soon (in August) and will be able to learn better there, or rather, she won't be distracted by all of us so much ;)

Since I had slept with my sister in her apartment directly at the harbour, our way led us as always first across the market place. It had always been empty during the long Whitsun weekend, but on this Monday there was a market there, which had already been partly dismantled. There one could buy honey from the beekeeper, cheese, bread and sausage (of course everything a little more expensive) but also souvenirs.

From Monday to Saturday you can shop here on the Neuer Markt: Regional traders offer fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and much more at the weekly market.

There are also handicraft and fabric markets on the Neuer Markt. Once a year there is also the popular apple and smoking market.

Even the time before is supposed to be a little bit more colourful: then there are carousels and lots of sweets. But the absolute highlight in Rostock is during the Advent season, when I will definitely come here again! Like any other Christmas market, there is a Ferris wheel and Christmas stalls and rides - nothing special, you might think. But if you imagine it in front of the scenery of the old houses with snow, it is really something special. My sister has of course been to the Christmas market in Rostock several times and she always raves about it. So if you don't come to Rostock in summer to go to the sea, then winter and the pre-Christmas period is definitely a good alternative!

The market centre of Rostock itself is also called the Neuer Markt.

The Neuer Markt was surrounded on all sides by beautiful gabled houses from four centuries until its destruction in the war of 1942, which is really incredible! It is a great pity that a large part has been destroyed! Only on the west side six houses kept their original shape. The Renaissance house No. 16 is particularly striking with its decorative elements on the gabled stairs and the lion on the building. So-called "gaff heads" look down on passers-by.

House No. 12, on the other hand, contains features from various stylistic periods. I find this very fascinating! The house is very richly decorated with plastic jewellery and had small turrets on the gable.

For some time the place was used as a parking lot. But since the year 2000, it serves again as the central market place of Rostock, as it was in former times. The Seagull Fountain on the Neuer Markt was built in 2001 by the well-known Worpswede sculptor Waldemar Otto. Four ancient bronze sea gods are grouped around a column with a seagull: Neptune with the trident, Nereus, Triton blowing on a shell and Protheus, the walking one.

On the north side of the Neuer Markt stands the town hall (the pink building opposite the many old houses) with its seven little towers. Directly opposite begins Kröpeliner Straße, the main shopping street of the Hanseatic city. Which I also found very pleasant: On the Neuer Markt and also on the Kröpeliner Straße only pedestrians are allowed, no cars and also no bicycles are allowed here!

After we strolled for a short time over the market (it is really very small, you can see everything in a few minutes), we walked into the city centre, sat down in an ice cream parlour and then relaxed on the meadow directly in front of the university. From the meadow you have a direct view of the university and on the opposite side the former market place of the new town built in 1252. I was especially fascinated by the building of the university - you can also see it on the cover picture. It is the main building of the university founded in 1419.

It was built in 1870 in the style of the Mecklenburg Renaissance by the architect Hermann Willebrand. The Fountain of Vitality, jokingly called "Pornobrunnen" by the people of Rostock, is also located directly in front of the university. Large trees provide shade and benches invite you to rest here, right in the centre of Rostock - the square is really a small oasis in the middle of the old town.

I hope you liked my Post and I could inspire you a little bit for Rostock! Even though it is a small city, Rostock is very beautiful and great for a week where you can see the sea! I especially liked the architecture here! See you next time