Muktinath is a temple name actually, which is sacred place for both Hindus and Buddhists that lies in the beautiful valley off Mustang, Nepal. So the valley below and around the Muktinath temple is often called as Muktinath valley as a whole.

The temple and place is one of the most famous travel destination in Nepal because of the natural beauty itself and the scared reason as I mentioned earlier(it is one of the very holy place for Hindus and Buddhists as well.)


Beautiful Morning at Jomshom, which direction you turn your head, all you can see are Beautiful Mountains

Well, I cannot cover my more than a week long trip in a single post here, so I am planning to write them in parts slowly if things go right. We started our trip with the local bus from Pokhara which should have took us directly to Jomsom village, but that couldn't happen unfortunately. But in this post I am starting from the jomsom village.

Picture taken from the Jomsom village

The above picture was taken at near the Jomsom airport, yes Jomsom has a small airport too for those who doesn't want to take a adventurous bus ride or trek till Jomsom and who have very short time and only want to visit the temple. The black road in the picture is in fact the runway.

Beautiful view of the mountain while trekking on the way

From Jomsom also you have option to go by Jeep or trek the whole to to reach temple. This time we went half the way or more on jeep and started trekking. I think I took this picture just after we started our trek.


Bench on the way if you want to rest

They have installed benches in every few meters along the trail so that tourists can take rest

While Ascending towards Muktinath Temple

We spent the night in the hotel at the town few hundreds meter below the temple. And we started our trek towards the temple early in the morning with the sun. If you have any experience travelling around Himalayas you might have already know the fact that walking upwards in such a very high altitude is very very difficult and takes a lots of time. You can not even walk steady and must take a rest in every few minutes to avoid the sudden sickness from high altitude.


This place is just below the temple

Believe me, it took us more than 2 hour to reach the temple which is just few hundreds meter in distance from where we have started the journey in the morning, but as I mentioned earlier it is very hard to walk in such a high altitude where oxygen level is lower. We didn't wanted to take any risk we we took enough time resting and enjoying the views and the air.


Finally,The long awaited destination of the day. But this isn't the main Muktinath temple, it is other sub-buildings inside the temple periphery, must be shelter for the priests and other people who look after the temple.

This is the temple. I think it was middle of the October, so there was no snow around the temple. We were expecting a snowfall here but unfortunately we couldn't see any at that time. During the winter this whole temple and the mountains around is covered full of snow.


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