He is the master cat of the Czech woods, an animal with no enemies in his biotope. The eurasian Lynx is a mostly invisible hunter who lives in the dark forests of the giant mountains on both sides of the border between Poland and Czech. A majesty of fur and muscles, made for speed and elegance not far away from the perfectness of a lion or a panther.

If you're going through the woods in wintertime sometimes you have the chance to see some rare traces of the Lynx, stamped in the deep snow. The foodpad of a Lynx looks like a triangle, the four toes are pointed at the front and they're ending in sharp claws.

Keep in mind: This wonderful species had largely disappeared from Western and Central Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, so it seems the lynx is on the way to getting lost forever. But the story has a happy end. The Lynx migrated from neighboring settlement areas again from around 1950 and was also specifically resettled.

A short race, because the Lynx was threaded by mankind, sick tree's and industrial fog all around his homebase. For year's his date wasn't important enough to give him protection.

Today it could be found in the Alps, the Jura, the Vosges, the Palatinate Forest, the Harz, the Fichtel Mountains, the Bavarian Forest, the Rothaar Mountains and the Bohemian Forest - if you're ready to open up your eyes and your mind to see the secret of the beauty of the nature under your feet.