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China and Asia through my eyes.

Living for many years in China, in a large metropolis, we are accustomed to how and where we live. So much so that I sometimes forget that for people who do not know China, those who have never been here, it is difficult to imagine that in China the housing in which we live for the last 10-15 years is already ubiquitous and everyday.
Precisely in order to show you how and where we live, I wrote my series "What apartments in China".
Since we have changed several apartments and districts, and for the last 2 years we have moved to a city near Shenzhen, I have something to show and tell about.
But, publishing article after article about apartments, courtyards of condominiums (in China they are called "gaden"), about pools in the courtyards, I was faced with the fact that some negative-minded commentators (those who are positive, they just rejoice at what they see and about what they read) for some reason decided that we live in elite houses, and ordinary Chinese do not live here.
That is, the standard thoughts of a standard reader are approximately the following: "why are you showing us your elite housing, show how ordinary poor Chinese live, who work for a cup of rice."
But the problem is that I don't know how the poor Chinese live somewhere in the provincial countryside, because I don't live there. You can read about this from those who know who lived and who has been there. And I have acquaintances who have traveled around China a lot, and lived in places that you ask to read about.
But I didn’t live there and I can’t write about what I don’t know and didn’t see.
Moreover, when I tried to find the very same Chinese who works for a cup of rice on the Internet, at least photos of some kind of poverty, I could not do it.
No, finding trash around is not a problem. China is a country of contrast, and any city is the same. Move a little to a side street, find some kind of construction site, old houses for demolition, and there will be enough photos for the plot. But why, if 50-100 meters away there is a new China, about which it is much more interesting to write.
And trash, I think, each of the negative commentators will find without problems where he lives. He is everywhere.
Maybe this way this commentator will be calmer from the fact that there is a poor Chinese somewhere in China. :)))

I have not shown our last apartments and yards, I will definitely show them.
And I will show you new apartments in new houses that are being built on a vacant lot before our eyes for the last 2 years.
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Several photos of our yard.

A little video from my channel, subscribe to YouTube if you are interested in how we live in China.
In this video, our yard, here I show the entrance to the porches in our gaden.

This is how lawns are mowed in our yard.

It's February, checking the temperature at the outlet of the gaden. This is our entrance-exit to our condominium.

This is our area, these are our buildings and this is how everything is around the buildings. This is the end of January, when the lockdown has just begun in China.