So our 26th wedding anniversary has passed.
And the name of this anniversary is Jade.
The more we live, the more I am interested in how each anniversary of the years lived together is called, and why it was called that.

The symbol of the 26th wedding anniversary is jade, which has a number of properties and characteristics inherent in a married couple.
Jade, for the most part, is an ornamental stone. It has found its application in the production of jewelry and decorative art pieces.

A rather metaphorical property of this stone is its extraordinary strength (if expressed scientifically: high viscosity) - it is almost impossible to split it into pieces.
The jade color ranges from white, through all shades of green to black.

There are many varieties of jade, some of them are almost equated to precious at the legislative level due to the rarity of the breed.
In addition, many magical properties are attributed to jade, the main ones include longevity, family happiness, health and protection from ailments that it gives to its owner.

As for the jade wedding, here, there are parallels that are inherent in both a marriage at the age of 26 and jade itself.
Like the stone itself, the relationship of the spouses is already very difficult to split, after so many years of living together, they have transformed into a composite material that is almost impossible to separate.

The life of a married couple, like a stone, acquired its value - for someone it could have remained a simple ornamental stone, but for someone it grew into a real jewel.

That's how we live.