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✌️ Recently, I was a little quieter on the channel. Entries appear less frequently than before. But there is a specific reason for this! I'm in a hurry to explain.


As you do not know what's going on with blogging, it's about time. And that's what I miss a little lately. However, this is not a wasted time, just the opposite. I am looking for some inspiration, I'm getting better (yes, there will be videos on the channel!;)). All because the next three months will be intense - I will collect a lot of material that I will present to you with joy and as always I will do it in the best way possible.

For the next trip I decided to change my approach to trips a bit. From settled mode I switch to nomadic. What exactly does this mean? Well, more or less, that instead of having a base in the place of X and from it to ride in interesting places, these bases will be more.


The most important point. The plan is the basis for the nomadic travel mode. This part probably absorbs the most time. Accommodation, transport, attractions. I am from those people who like to have everything under control, so booking everything at the last minute is not in my taste. It allows me to avoid stress and calmly prepare for the trip.

Okay, but where are you going?

Below the places that I have already taped. No more details about what I will be watching so as not to spoil your surprises. And I guarantee that it will be interesting!

Here are the plans for the next three months. 3 months - 3 countries.

July - Italy: Bergamo - Milan - Lake Garda.
Length: 4 days

bandiera-tricolore-italiana-970x542.jpg source:


In terms of logistics, everything is ready. Flights, buses, trains, accommodation - is a set.
The plan is that after landing in Bergamo, go to Milan and spend 1.5 days there. Then a quick trip to the beautiful Lake Garda and overnight on the hill. After an era, return to Bergamo, visit the city, stay overnight and return on the next day.

Short but intensely. Only necessary things in the backpack + equipment for shooting and filming.

August - Norway: Oslo and surroundings
Length: 3 days

Norwegia.jpg source:

A flight bought on the spur of the moment a few days ago. Round-trip tickets - PLN 78! I did not think about it for a long time. So far, there are no more specific details, as there is still a moment to organize. All forces are now going to Italy.

September - United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi.
Length: week


The longest trip and many fantastic places to see. Part of the trip planned for visiting Dubai (Burj Khalifa!), And the other capital of the UAE - Abu Dhabi. Killing temperatures, warm sea and me, all white.

I would like to encourage you to integrate with me from this place. What would you like me to test for you in the above places? Of course, if possible. ;)

I collect ideas, then I will put all this into one place and I will mention you in the post. What do you say?

If you would like to exchange experiences, I invite you to a conversation on the discord.



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