Re: Embracing History and Evolution

Those statues of the animals are strange looking. They look like a cross between a seal and a kimono dragon lol. They look a bit melted probably from erosion and time. What are they supposed to be - dogs or something or are they like monsters of some sort? I didn't see it in your post.

It's too bad about the restaurant wanting you to leave because of the baked goods. That's puts a bit of a damper on the situation. Sounds like they lost quite a bit of business though. Yeah it's hard to say if its because of a language barrier. Sometimes communication comes across as very direct and abrupt when English is a second language. It can be interpreted as very rude but the person may not be meaning it to be.


The statues are actually of lions that existed in the European Continent over 3,000 year ago but became extinct as men created metal weapons and started to hunt them. They looked different from those that remain today.