Beautiful Sunday Road Trip: Bauko Roadside Scenery

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During our visits to Mountain Province and Ifugao (A glimpse of Bontoc, Mountain Province; ULOG #50: The enigmatic and last fortress: BARLIG; Batad's Rice Terraces and Tappia Waterfalls (with video clips)) we stopped along the way to take some photos. Bauko is the gateway to Mountain Province because it is the first municipality that you arrived at when coming from Benguet.

Bauko is a landlocked municipality surrounded by Sagada, Benguet and Ifugao. According to the stories of old, the first family settlers named it "Baukok" named after a tree that once forested the area. It is said to be categorized under Specie Garnica. It was then shortened to Bauko later on. From a small family, the settlers then grew and populated the area. In fact, Bauko has the highest number of population in Mountain Province. Kankana-ey is the major language of the locals.

Bauko offers mountains to climb and conquer, waterfalls to seek and admire and ancient burial caves to explore. Although agriculture is the primary livelihood, Bauko is also known for their ceramics and pottery, weaving and knitting, and blacksmith for agricultural purposes.

Along the way are rice terraces. Some are just beside the road which makes the road trip more scenic. They are more admirable if you are on the higher parts of the winding upward road. It is also best to do this sightseeing before the sun comes up to witness everything come to life.




Mt. Polis can also be seen at a distance. This is one of the favorites of hikers. At the summit, you can get a view of the surrounding barangays like Bagnen and the neighboring municipality of Sagada, another famous tourist destination of Mountain Province. You can also see Mt. Amuyao (the highest peak in Mountain Province) in the distance. Mt. Polis should not be confused with a mountain in Ifugao bearing the same name.


Another interestingly named mountain can also be seen from the road. This is located in Tadian though, a neighbor of Bauko. This is Mt. Mogao.



However, it was also branded another name, Mt. Clitoris. Some said from a certain angle, it does resemble the thing. The people of Tadian abhors that name but unfortunately, it stuck more than its real name.


Mt. Mogao is another famous peak located amidst higher peaks. A lake below is another place of interest.

I am not sure if the highest peak in the distance is Mt. Amuyao. However, this is the view from the view deck of Buguias. This was just after the harvest season and the fields are getting ready to be planted again. In preparation, grasses and waste from the previous crops were burned. Smoke is then mixed with the fog and mist.


Come and explore what Bauko, Mt. Province has to offer.

Photos are mine.

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Wonderful landscape and view!


Thank you @gritata for dropping by 😊


I really must say that you sure are having an awesome time and those views are indeed worth all the time and effort. Lovely shots buddy !!


Thanks much @rehan12!


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Thank you @travelfeed @for91days. Cheers!


Absolutely breathtaking............stunning shots Lee 😊


The photos didn't do justice but at least I get to show some of it 😊


It must me amazing there!


The rice terrace looks nice though I think could have been better with better lighting condition.
BTW, there's a little typo in this part:
Along the way are rice terraces. Some are jut beside the road which makes the


Thanks for the constructive critic. I agree with the lack of lighting. It's one of the problems with smartphone 😁

Edited the typos. I actually saw more than one. Cheers!


Insanely beautiful views!!!!


Those views are perfect!


Thanks @bosssarah!


целый географический опус)), да, красиво в горах, а на восходе и закате... )