Sundate with Grandpa: A peek at the beach

leeart @leeartJune 2019 · 3 min read

This is my first post using esteem. It is going to be a short one, shorter than what I had been posting recently.


My grandfather has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He is 84 years old. He is my mom's dad. For the past years, his condition is gradually getting worse. He had been in and out of the hospital due to aches and pains, dizziness, difficulty breathing, recurrent cough and colds, pneumonia, etc.

He now requires more medicines mostly antibiotics. Also, he is now dependent on nebules which helps him breath better. Even a short walk of about 10 feet will leave him wheezing and weakened.


It does not help that our weather here brings rain right after lunch scattered throughout the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings. He does get sunshine and warmth in the mornings which is good.

Last Sunday, we decided to take him to the beach for a breath of salty air, different environment. This helps to lift his mood from the dreary,gloomy, wet and cold.


We took him down to the lowlands where the air is warmer. It is 2-3 hours' drive from our place to Poro Point.

It was early afternoon when we arrived. Dark clouds hung ominous across the sky which gave shade from too much sun.

We spend time hunting for crabs and combing the sand looking for interesting shells.




As much as we wanted grandpa to swim, it is not yet advisable since he is not yet recovered from his hospitalization. He did walked a few steps, taking a break every so often to catch his breath.

He very much would love to do more but his condition will not allow it. We kept a watchful eye on him the whole time because he might fall. His dizziness and weakened legs leave him off balanced at times that's why he needs a cane all the time.



We let him dip his feet in the water. We spent as much time possible until he asked us to go home.

There are interesting places to go near Poro Point but for now, we are contended with the few hours we spent by the beach, seeing that grandpa enjoyed the trip as well.

Sharing with you a beautiful sunset to end the day. On our way home, grandpa said to go back next week. We agreed but when is the next one will be is yet to be determined.


All photos were taken by my sister and posted in her social media. Copied and posted here with permission.

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A trip to the beach is sure to life anyone's spirit. I hope things get easier for your grandfather. The photos were beautiful:)


Thanks @prydefoltz. For now, things are stable with grandpa and I hope it stays that way a little longer. We're just waiting for the right moment to bring him to the beach again.


I am glad you are getting to spend quality time with your grandfather! Are those your children in the photos?


I like it too that we are finding time to spend it together with him. It's like making up for lost times. Those are my nephews. They have been so sunburned from their beach weekend the week before this :D


Quality time with loved ones is very important. Sunburn is awful! I hope they are feeling better soon.


Don't seem many people at the beach but I'm sure grandpa having you guys there are happy enough.


Yes which is surprising and also how clean the beach is. It probably was not the peak season.


what a nice beach! I have a good read...Beach is really good for seniors like your grandpa...


It is good for everyone :) There's something about the beach - the sand, the water, the sun that is refreshing to the soul.


Mayat ti kasta sir. Kaasi ti Apo jay panganay ko inan anusak idi every sabado apan kami kasinsinko san vicente agsapa until 10am kmi makalanghap lang hangin sa tabing dagat. Isu nagmayatanna. God bless your grandpa and your family sir :-)


Wen garud, ma'am. Sinmayaat pay aura na ni lolo. Bareng mapadalas kami mangipasyar ken lolo mi dita baba. Pinagtutudo manenen ket isu kumaru nukua ti condition lolo. Imbag ta mayaten panganay mo. Agtultuloy kuma. Blessing met kanyayo @shirleynpenalosa.


Howdy sir leeart! oh, that's a wonderful sunset and it's great that you were able to get out there to the warm beach with your Grandfather, I'm sorry that his health is in such decline.


His face literally lit up when he saw the sea. If only we had the time sooner, we would have brought him there. Hopefully we can do this more often especially that the monsoon season is here so we have more rainy days ahead.


Howdy again sir leeart! Oh, that's wonderful. You can go more often because it will be cooler?


It would be warmer to bring grandpa to the lowlands. It helps ease his breathing.


Sorry to hear your Grandpa is not well, but you gave him a lovely day out at the seaside and everyone looks to have had a great to great time.