Dimsum at Mr. Ching Cuisine

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There is only one place in Baguio City where I love their dimsum. When I have the craving, this is where I go.

A lot of Chinese restaurants are here in Baguio City. One of the early immigrants who settled here were Chinese. They were also among those who put up businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Some of these have closed after so many decades of serving the city. Some have stayed and one of them is Baguio Palace Hotel where Mr. Ching Cuisine is located.

What I like about their dimsum is that it's big in size bigger than anywhere else, at least the places where I have tried dimsum.


They have wide range to choose from. Their dimsum is delicious and densely packed so every bite is fulfilling.


My favorite of all is their beef balls. It comes in three big balls and just those is enough for me. Most of the other dimsum comes in fours.

I also like their assorted dimsum. With this, it comes with egg siomai, taro balls, chicken siomai and shrimp Siomai and these come in pairs.

I like eating this withnoodles. For the first time we tried their fried noodles.


The noodles are fried and then topped with mixed vegetables and seafood. It's a delicious mix.


Seving time for this takes at least 20 minutes. They cook the dimsum while you wait.

I wanted to take photos of the place but it is one of those places that was unable to cope up with the times. It needs major refurbishment or at least repaint and replacement of furnitures. The place is clean as it can be but the management and owner should upgrade the place. I don't want them to go out of business. As long as they are still here, I will keep coming back for their dimsum.

Restaurant Information

Mr. Ching Cuisine


Baguio Palace Hotel, Legarda Rd, Barangay Burnham - Legarda, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

Dimsum at Mr. Ching Cuisine
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