Put on your cowboy hats and boots! Cowboy Town in my town

leeart @leeartJune 2019 · 4 min read


Last June 8, 2019, a concert for a cause was held in Cowboy Town, La Trinidad, Benguet.

A little background of the said event. The beneficiary of said concert is for a baby girl diagnosed with biliary atresia, a chronic liver disease. Here in our country, you needat least PHP5 million for a liver transplant. The parents of this unforunate afflicted girl works as social workers and their income is not enough to meet such required amount so they are doing everything they can to raise money. They sell shirts, hosted a dinner for a cause and now this concert for a cause. Funds are needed as soon as possible to send the baby and her parents to India for operation. If they will do it in India, their expenses will be cut in half. As of this moment, they are only waiting for the needed papers so they can fly to India.


More of the story here.

Aside from the name of the bar as a give away, from the outside, the place already looks different and feels different than the bars we have here. Country songs and cowboys have big influence to us here in the Cordilleras. Leather, boots, hats and horses - you can find them all here. Almost all bars here are country themed for a long time. It is only now that we have different styles brought about by young innovative business owners.


This is fully set up like an old small country town, if you will. It is like you are stepping in a town's celebration or feast wherein tables and chairs were placed in the center of the town and the stage is someone's porch. In this bar, the stage is set on the saloon's porch.


What they did with the place created an illusion of wooden structures and labeled with restaurant, saloon, blacksmith, outhouse, etc. There is even a Grand Palace Hotel. It is like a stage for a play and you get to play a role. If you are to come here in full cowboy get up, then you are most welcome to do so.

This is a set up that is well thought of. It is creative such that it is almost a film set and everyone are actors/directors of their own movie.

We went to this venue early so there were still no bands playing but of course country songs are being played. There are already patrons and the place is almost half full.

Local bands/musicians volunteered to play for the said event. Tickets were sold a month before the event and more tickets were sold at the venue itself.


Verandas were also set up to accommodate more tables and chairs. I like this kind of set up instead of putting a second floor/mezzanine. This gives a wide open space ambiance. Ceiling lights were covered with enormous cowboy hats. The place is bright and spacious which I like, yet at the same time the lighting gives off a cozy and relaxing mood.


Paintings and pictures of cowboys and Indians were also hung on the walls, completing your Western experience. For a moment it seems you are looking out a window of cowboys in action riding their horses going off somewhere.


The place quickly filled up. Although many were leaving, more and more people were quickly coming in as the night dragged on.



Drinks here range from beer to wine to hard liquor to mixed drinks. Prices are a bit higher than other places but still affordable. Mixed drinks and water are served in plastic containers. They also serve "pulutans" or appetizers.

Be warned though since this place is a busy one when it gets dark, parking is an issue. Their parking area can only accommodate a few cars such that parking spills to the road.

62014645_367853467421152_6492558828498845696_n (1).jpg

This is a place to enjoy music and time with friends. The staff are friendly. No smoking is allowed inside so nonsmokers are very much welcome. There is a wide enough space in front of the stage where you can dance. Come enjoy the old Western atmosphere but leave your guns behind. Come drink responsibly :)

Cowboy Town is located at Km. 6 La Trinidad, Benguet.

Photos were taken using my brother's phone and posted here with permission.

Restaurant Information

Cowboy Town


La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

Put on your cowboy hats and boots! Cowboy Town in my town
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I love Cowboy's outfits. Recently I made a drawing of one. Wish I would one day be opportuned to be here for the concert.


Do you have places like these too? Maybe you can tell us about it, too :)



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Thanks so much @tasteem!


Do you have a cowboy hat and boots?


I actually do but because they are not properly stored, I believe they are rotting away somewhere lol!


It happens too 🙈


nice cozy place. thanks for supporting this initiative. my thoughts and prayer for the baby. may god bless her.


Thanks for your prayers. I hope and pray that all will go well.


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Such a cool place to have a beer with friends!


It really is. I hope they will come up with their own signature drink.


That would be nice!


Wonderful place to visit once in a while. I love themed restaurants, but if I go there too often they become mundane.
They did put a lot of effort into this place and it shows.
Surely a great place to have a drink with friends.


I agree and I do the same as well. It's good to go these kinds of places for a visit every now and then. If I was younger, maybe I will go here more often but my drinking days are rare nowadays.


Hello @leeart

Do you have no beverage picture to show in this review?


I totally forgot lol! This is the only photo taken with a mixed drink. The pitcher with blue content is a mix of gin and blue Gatorade. We were busy attending to guests for the event so I totally forgot about the drinks.


Thanks for sharing all the photos of the setup. How lovely to have the benefit for the child.


A really high class place to have a drink. 👍👍👍 Feels like I am in a cowboy movie set.