Come be my sweet mate at Sweetmates Baguio City

leeart @leeartJuly 2019 · 4 min read


This is by far my favorites sweetshop. All the cakes I have tasted so far are to my liking in terms of the level of sweetness.

They have four branches in the city if I am not mistaken. This is their main branch located at Legarda Road.




The original store was the space which is occupied now by another shop as shown on the right. I have visited this a couple of times but this is my first time to come here since they have expanded.



This is another example of residential turned into business, which is becoming the trend now. They have converted this garage into a cafe. I like the colorful chairs they have. I thought it was rattan but it’s just woven plastic. Potted plants are used to liven up the place. One wall has strawberries on it. The other side was have words of encouragement, wisdom and motivation.


There is an enclosed smoking area just to the side of the cafe. Since the roof is just GI sheet, it can get loud when cats and dogs hit it. When we were there, I overheard the owner discussing some plans to add more renovation to the place. I hope to see more improvement soon.

It's a simple set up but enough to serve its purpose.


We then ordered coffee, cake and sandwich with fries. I forget what was the name of the cake I ordered. What I like about their cakes is that it is fresh almost all the time. There may have been one or two times that I have eaten cakes were not that fresh but still tastes good.


Their menu had more choices now even offering rice meals. They offer pasta, sandwich, ramen, nachos, and even breakfast meals.





Hot and cold drinks are also available as well as smoothies. I like their Java Chill. When I needed the sugar rush, I'd only order any of that and I'd be fine. There is a variety of tea as well that you can choose from.


There is a scheduled cake and coffee/ice tea buffet but I forgot the schedule. I have tried that once but I can't eat a lot. One slice is enough for me.


I ordered brewed coffee for now. Exactly when we arrived, rain poured so it was a good time to drink coffee. Black is what I like.




No matter how beautifully layered each cake is, as long as it is good, it will be gone before you can say Sweetmates.

I like this cake because of the different textures of each layer - soft, creamy, moist and there are bits of dark chocolate and some nuts in their. There is also different levels of sweetness. If you are a sweet lover like me, then we will surely be sweetmates.

Aside from their cakes, we also tried their Monte Cristo.



This is your basic ham and cheese sandwich with the loaves dipped in egg and cooked a bit. The mayonnaise used was too strong but it was overall okay. The fries that comes with it is not soggy and not oily which is good.

Their cakes are still the winner for me. I don't go this branch a lot because it is out of my way. I frequent their Abanao branch because it is close to the city center and the seats are more comfortable.

Sweetmates Cakes Baguio is located at #53 Legarda Road, Baguio City. This branch accepts credit card and cash. Wifi is also free.

For your cakes for any occasion, you can contact them at their facebook page Sweetmates Cakes - Baguio. They are open from 6:00 to 11:00. You can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all in one place here at Sweetmates.

Restaurant Information

Sweetmates Cakes - Baguio


53 Legarda Rd, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Tasty Tuesday at Sweetmates Baguio City
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And I'm on diet 😥


Me too and that is my kind of diet 😂😂😜




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Your reviews are so informative and that pastry... Really looks delicious...