J's Cafe Sève: Pasta, Pizza or Sandwich? All please! #marketfriday

leeart @leeartJuly 2019 · 5 min read


NOTE: This is a re-upload due to some unforeseen technical issues.

In search for a quiet place to hang out and catch up friends, I suggested going to St. Patrick's Village. I was hoping for a veggie filled afternoon but what a surprise.

Found me another favorite or a re-favorite if you will. If there is such a thing.



J's Cafe Seve is located at St. Patrick's Village. I was expecting another cafe that I loved that was here before. I loved that cafe because of their simple choices of food but fulfilling and satisfying. They have in their menu creative vegetarian choices. That cafe has since moved and this cafe is now under new management. No trace of the former management.

A little background of St. Patrick's Village.


This is a community or a group of vacation houses settled amidst one of the more forested areas of Baguio City. Thus, these contemporary cabin inspired villas are located perfectly in a not so touristy place so you can enjoy quiet moments.

If you don't want to cook during your stay, there are neighboring restaurants near the area aside from Cafe Seve. Some are can be easily reached by foot and some are few minutes drive.





In the middle of these units, the reception and Cafe Seve is housed. Narrow wooden stairs goes up to the second floor where Cafe Seve is located. Outside seating is provided outside the reception and at the second floor's veranda.






I remembered there were more decorations and wall paintings. It was almost bare that I was doubtful about what this cafe is going to offer. The bar/counter area almost had nothing there to see.

The number of seats and tables are still the same as I remembered. For a small cafe as this, it would be a good venue for private function to accomodate at least 40-50 people.

It was small that there was only one lady wait staff that time.





Skeptic that I was, I still gave it a chance. My companions is their first time here so they have no misgivings.

We have a hard time deciding what to order as is the case to a new place. My friend ordered meaty sandwich but decided against that and ordered pesto pasta. Still, we were surprised that the lady brought a sandwich. It was all good. We still took it and it was a good decision. Just look at that packed sandwich! It can be shared up to 4 people. Eggs, sausages, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers - it's a meal on its own.


One of us ordered Seafood Pomodoro. It is in red sauce with squid and tahong or mussel with two slices of bread on the side.


Another one ordered creamy pesto. It is liberally mixed with parmesan cheese and also served with two slices of bread.


These pastas are a heapful. Althought each serving was intended for one, we had to share to finish them. I like their bread because it is not dry and semi-toasted. This does not taste like the other pesto I have tasted. It is more creamy.


I ordered their chili chicken pizza. It's a 7" pizza but not as chili as I was expecting. Still, it is one of the best testing pizza yet. From the toppings to the crust, I finished them all. Well, 90% of it.


There are choices of hot and cold refreshments but we just ordered softdrinks and beer. They also serve desserts but during that time, they were out of stock.

It really was beyond my expectation. Bare as the cafe may look like (we were the only customers at that time which makes it seem sad), the magic happens in their kitchen. I am reminded again to never judge. The food looks great and tastes great. The price is reasonable to almost cheap considering how big servings their sandwiches and pastas are. I should have ordered a bigger sized pizza lol! On top of that, you get peace and quiet. The environment and atmosphere of this place is what brought me back. If you bring the right set of friends here with the right kind of mood you bring in to the table, then it is one of the memorable moments you will always smile remembering.


The village has a quaint garden with a swing. We should have opted to seat here. Maybe next time.


For walk-ins to the cafe, you are required now to leave an ID to get a visitor's pass. One ID is enough and you can claim it when you leave the premises.


J's Cafe Seve is located at St. Patrick's Village, 88 Paterno Street, South Drive, Baguio City. They are open 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Wifi is provided and you can pay cash or by credit card.

You can check out their facebook page J's Cafe Seve.

All photos are mine.

#marketfriday is brought to you by @dswigle.

Restaurant Information

J's Cafe Sève


碧瑶 PH, Pedro Paterno, South Dr, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

J's Cafe Sève: Pasta, Pizza or Sandwich? All please! #marketfriday
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Wow! That St. Patrick Village looks really beautiful and peaceful. Those foods looks so inviting too.


Indeed. That's why it's one of my favorite places to go 👍👍


Your reviews are really great... Foods look so delicious... Tasty and environment is so inviting.. Thank you for this great review...


Oh you're too kind. Thanks a lot for appreciating @priyanarc!


Howdy sir leeart! This review is great the second time too. lol. I remember this one, it would be very good to eat there, love the looks of the food, especially the pizza and that huge sandwich! Plus how often do you get to eat in a restaurant that looks like a house?


I eat out a lot lol! Houses here are now being converted to businesses. Some of these are old houses of the first settlers of Baguio - the rich ones who left for greener pastures and their properties.


oh how interesting about the houses sir leeart! Well I'm glad the wealthy people left some cool houses to use! That one with the patio and table in the backyard looked really nice. Do you figure that tasteem is paying for your meals? lol.


At least some of it lol! But tasteem has given me reason to post more and steem more 😁


Howdy again sir leeart! I agree, from everything I've read it's a great program!


Mayat met ditan. Kasla Europe plus makan. Perfect combo. Goodluck, Arief!


Wen daytoy jay napanan mi da teta. Nagthird place sa daytoy nga blog hehe.