Sinner or Saint: Indulge in a sweet sin like a saint

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This is another one of my favorite cake shops. This is located right after the border of La Trinidad and Baguio City, just after the welcome arch. Specifically at R AND L Bldg. KM 3 (Beside welcome arch La Trinidad, Triniville School) La Trinidad, Benguet.

Ride a jeepney plying the La Trinidad-Baguio Route. Ask the driver to drop you off Bell Church. Sinner or Saint Cafe is just a few steps away.


They create lovely and delicious cakes for all occasions. The last event I attended to wherein the cake was made by them was a debut. One flavor was kamote (sweet potato). They delivered it hours early before the event. It was okay until the event was finished. The cake was not totally consumed. My friend brought it home only to spoil the next day even if it was refrigerated.

We accompanied our friend, the mother of the debutante, to the cafe and informed them about it and they were kind enough to make another cake to the delight of my friend.

While waiting for the cakes, we had two slices of their other cakes at the shop.

I do like how they made their plating different from others. They write quotes and inspiring messages on every plate. We were joking one time with my friends what if you were going through some emotional pain and came here only to have a message written that hits you hard. Emotional disaster!

My friend informed me that they also make keto cake but I have not tried that yet.

This is a small cafe that offers good value cakes. Aside from that, they have expanded their range and serves pasta, sandwiches, fish and chips and even shawarma - personalized with Cordillera style. They use locally prepared pork delicacy.



Drinks are also varied and have signature drinks. They are open at 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Come and have a cup of coffee or a slice of cake or both. Enjoy their other food as well.

Contact them at 0999 878 0811 or through their facebook page Sinner or Saint Cafe.

Check my other post about this cafe as well.

Photos are mine and from friends copied and posted here with permission.

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Sinner or Saint Cafe


Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Sinner or Saint: Indulge in a sweet sin like a saint
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cool quotes :) hope the cake was also delicious


It is. Bite after bite. 😁


great. i would like to try that cake...


I like those quotes, that is a really good idea............I also like the presentation and the way you photograph them. Altough, to bad it's not vegan :(


I have not seen or know if vegan cakes here in our city. I don't knoe about keto cake though because Sinner or Saint has that.


Maybe you will find it in the future 😊


Lovely cakes...must be delicious!


I can assure you itis 👍👍