On Road 66, to the Grand Canyon

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Four months ago, my wife and myself (@lemouth speaking here) traveled in the US canyons for our holidays. After our return, we decided to report our best moments in this blog, to share our experience and some pictures with the Steem community. As always, it turned out that we were very busy with many things, and our reports did not progress much…

However, we did not want to abandon the idea and I am happy to post here the second episode of our vacation. The French version is already available here for mor than 2 months! I know I am late! :D

[ Source: Canon EOS Rebel T2i; location: Seligman, AZ, USA ]

In the last episode, we ended our trip with a visit of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado river, and we were about to drive the mythic Road 66 to get to the Grand Canyon.

This is what I will present in this post, sharing in particular some excellent pictures of a city called Seligman.

But before getting to Seligman, we started with driving from Hoover Dam to Kingman in Arizona, following a boring highway... This was a necessary step to get on Road 66.

On our way to Seligman

[ Source: Canon EOS Rebel T2i; location: somewhere on Road 66, AZ, USA ]

We were expecting a lot of magic and incredible landscapes once on Road 66. We were so wrong...

Our first impressions were indeed very different. We could actually even say that we had the chance to see a lot of magically boring landscapes!

As illustrated on the picture on the right and on the two pictures below, the road was amazingly repetitive.

There were very few places on the way, and a lot of cows. Most towns we crossed were not typical from another time, which was what we were expecting.

Between Kingman and Seligman (where we were expecting to get back on the highway to Grand Canyon), we drove through the Hualapai reservation. Once again, nothing really interesting, except possibly a nice bar in which we had a coffee/milk-shake break.

[ Source: Galaxy S7; location: somewhere on Road 66, AZ, USA ]

[ Source: Canon EOS Rebel T2i; location: somewhere on road 66, AZ, USA ]


Although we were at that point quite disappointed, we finally arrived at Seligman, ready to directly go back to the highway. However, everything changed. In this town, we were really back in the past, and had the chance of witness the Road 66 as we were expecting it! In one word: old ;)

Instead of words, I will share a few pictures below. And for those who enjoyed the movie cars, this place will bring back a lot of memories from the movie (@samminator: I was actually sometimes watching movies many years ago ;) ).

[ Source: Galaxy S7 and Canon EOS Rebel T2i; location: Seligman, AZ, USA ]

[ Source: Galaxy S7 and Canon EOS Rebel T2i; location: Seligman, AZ, USA ]

We then went back to the highway to the Grand Canyon. To summarize our excursion on Road 66, we lost a couple of hours as we could have driven directly to Seligman and enjoy the place there. But somehow, getting lost and discovering new horizons is part of the fun. We did a lot of jokes and spent a (long) nice moment when driving.

Getting to the Grand Canyon

From Seligman, we moved on with our trip for a few hours, driving until the Grand Canyon where our camp site was waiting for us. We arrived pretty late, going through a heavy storm (see one of the pictures below), nice old cars (see below again), a nice sunset (another picture below), a wet meal (it was kind of raining during diner time) and a quick tent assembling workshop in the dark. We were indeed pretty late due to the detour.

[ Source: Galaxy S7; location: close to Grand Canyon Village, AZ, USA ]

[ Source: Galaxy S7; location: close to Grand Canyon Village, AZ, USA ]

However, at the time of going to bed, we were very happy with our day, and very excited with the upcoming day. We reloaded our energy bar and were ready to tackle our first day at the Grand! But this will be for the next post (hopefully not in 4 months :p)!


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