Sangini Fort also known as Sangini Killa is a fort of Sikh Period (1799-1849) and is located in Gujjar Khan Rawalpindi district, Punjab, Pakistan. This area was under the control of sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1814. They built this Fort for tax collection and also to control the area.

Sangini fort is 90 minutes away from Rawalpindi and it lies on the GT road near Rawat and Gujjar Khan. After leaving GT road you have to proceed through rough roads and plenty of stream crossing to reach Sangini fort. The main gate is tucked on and have curved path to prevent raiders ramming through it. As it is a small fort so it is not possible to stand against a professional army.

Sangini fort is still in a good condition considering that it is 200 years old fort. All walls are intact and check posts at the gates are still functional. The view from fort is quite good you can see far from distance as fort is built on a high place. Walking paths are also good and are on all sides of fort.

After the Sikh rule in 1849 when British took over the fort they built garrisons in Potohar area. After some time British also used this fort as a prison camp. Over all Sangini fort lost its importance and could not get proper recognition.

As fort was not used so later on a shrine of Sahibzada Abdul Hakeem was built. The disciples built a shrine inside the courtyard as they say that the saint had been worshiping at this fort site before 1800. So now people are visiting this shrine and also taking care of this place. A newly constructed room for living is also in courtyard.

Sangini fort is protected naturally from three sides by a shallow gorge with water running through it. Only one level side is main entrance side. The place is very beautiful. As this place was constructed on a high area so atmosphere is good.

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