Rhodope mountain is well know for its amazing beauty. It is a heavenly range where some believe Nature has few hidden treasures, both material and invisible for the eyes. Quite an interesting fact is that the most centenarians in Bulgaria live in villages exactly there. What is the secret? Nobody knows for sure but it definitely is related to our Mother Nature and to the regional and folklore traditions kept for ages by the local people.

Our walk that day wasn't a random one. There was a planned folklore festival, called "Ugar" that same weekend by the nearby village of Bukovo. However, it was raining for few days prior this weekend and since the location of the event was up the mountains near one scenery peak, called "Dragoyna" and there wasn't any paved road up there, the festival, unfortunately, was postponed once again. Good that I was having with me the weather resistant camera and lens!

As we were already there we decided to scout and explore the region, talk to some locals, have some lunch, eventually and basically, spend the day outside. It was raining but the views were stunning and the air was so fresh, it all felt magical!

A local dairy-farmer with his cows under the rain, but too busy to talk to us or he was just in a hurry under the increasing pouring water from the sky...

The cows didn't seem to care though :)

Under the rain, one of the festival participants in a traditional folk costume trying to get a journalist up the mountain. The strong black horse did not seem to have any problems carrying them both, wow!

The rider was dressed classically, from head to toe, also wearing old typical leather shoes called "tsarvuli":

Guess what loves water the most? Fresh mushrooms, so beautiful that it didn't cross my mind to even touch them. Photo only!

It the village we saw a sheet of music. Try to play that!

At the end of the day, the rain decided to go away and give us a warm and amazing picture for our eyes... A great day outdoors at Rhodope mountain!

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