Free booze (just joking)

LivingUKTaiwan @livinguktaiwanJuly 2019 · 2 min read

This weekend I went to trade show in Taiwan. It's actually two exhibitions in one that was open to the public as well. The first one is the Tea, Coffee and bakery show, and the other one was the wine and spirit festival. The purpose of my visit, or rather hubby's, was the second one. I was just tagging along to create some content.

I think hubby must have sampled something like 15 to 20 types of wine, beer, whisky etc which came from as far away as Belgium (beer), Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Serbia (wine) and Scotland (whisky). The thing that annoyed him most was often when they gave him a red wine to sample, they pulled it out from the ice bucket! Taiwanese like to drink their red cold, which is really weird as the cold locks in the flavour. Some of the more experience exhibitors knew this wasn't the right way to drink red wine, but because that's what the customers want, so that's what they serve. One young girl, who was obviously some temp staff pulled in to help out challenged him and said that's the right way to drink red wine. It was so funny. Sometimes I took a sip of his sample as I don't really drink, but that was enough to make me a little bit tipsy as you can see from my video ^_^

Luckily, be the pro I am, I still managed to pull together a decent video to show you around the exhibition. Hope you enjoy it.

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