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Yesterday I went to a new outlet that was opened by the local port just before Christmas. I didn't have much expectation of it as the other outlet we have in town is really rubbish and not an outlet at all. Well, this one took me a bit by surprise. The port outside the outlet was very interesting and provided a great backdrop for an artist as you shall see in my video.

Ferris wheels are quite common in Taiwan nowadays, there was one here.



The flagship store here is probably Eslite Spectrum. It's a local bookstore turned lifestyle/cafe company. In keeping with the port surroundings, the interior and books shelves all have a container theme. The is the first Eslite bookstore in the whole of Taiwan with a sea view, and the cafe looks out onto the port and the massive ferris wheel.

I spent the whole afternoon just lazing around not doing much apart from window shopping. Most of the stores were selling clothes etc which was a bit boring, but I really enjoyed browsing at the locally designed stuff.



I stayed here till dinner time as they have a great selection of restaurants, and I went to a place which is said to be one of Barrack Obama's favourite place (not this store of course, but the chain!!!) Wanna see where I went ? Check out my video.

After dinner, I went outside to take one last look at the ferris wheel before I left. I loved it how the wheel constantly changed colours at night time. It would have been great if I had my tripod with me so I could take some better photos. Another reason to come back.




昨天去了台中三井outlet。 它去年聖誕前在台中港開幕,當時讓全城熱鬧。 除了摩天輪外,三井有很多食肆和商店。其中旗艦店相信是誠品生活台中三井店。這家是全台灣第一間全海景的誠品店。 我在三井待了一個下午, 無無聊聊地逛商場,看海景。在美食廣場休息,看見旁邊大叔用鋼筆素描窗外海港景象, 不到十分鐘已畫出一 張作品。超棒! 晚飯時,我去了一家聞說是前美國總統奧巴馬很喜歡的店。他當然不是來三井這一家, 但是同一個品牌。 想知是哪一家嗎?看看視頻吧!

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almost grabbed that frie at the end when you handed lol


Ha ha!! We must catch up one day, either in Thailand or Taiwan, even though many of my less travelled English friends think they're the same country 😆


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