Star gazing at Wadi Rum 約旦瓦地倫賞星星

LivingUKTaiwan @livinguktaiwanMay 2018 · 3 min read
I don't know since when did people do these jump photos when they go away on holiday and why they do it. Well, since I was in Jordan, I thought why not? Its not like I come to Jordan every year. Welcome to Wadi Rum!

不知從何開始,去旅行拍照總會有"跳"這個動作。 可能是出門旅行太開心吧。 既然到約旦,我也趁熱鬧來一個"跳"的照片吧!歡迎到瓦地倫!


My original plan was to spend a night camping at Wadi Rum something that I was really looking forward to. I wanted to experience Bedouin life even if its just for one evening, and gaze stars under the pitch dark night in the wilderness of the desert. Here's my camp site.

我原本的計劃會在瓦地倫過一夜, 體驗一下貝都因人的遊牧民族生活, 在沙漠的大自然下賞星。


You're thinking it looks a bit messy right? That was because the night before there was a massive downpour across most of Jordan flooding a lot of places. In fact on this morning I was supposed to go back to Petra for my second day tour, but the flooding was so bad and considered dangerous for tourist that we had to be evacuated from Petra when I arrived. That's a story I definitely will share with you.

可惜之前一晚,約旦多處地方遇上多年一遇的大豪雨,很多地方發生水浸。 其實當天早上我原本是到佩特拉遊覽,但又遇上大豪雨,園方覺得有危險需要馬上疏散遊客。這段小插曲我之後一定會跟大家分享。


Anyway, back to Wadi Rum. The camp site I was due to stay was flooded by the downpour, as were all the other camp sites at Wadi Rum so I never go round to gaze at stars in the desert. I did ask if we could at least see what the site was like, so our driver took us round.



All the furnishings and mattress etc were removed from the inside of the camps and left to dry out under the wind and sun in the desert. I poked around the camp site, wondering how lovely it would have been to stay here for the night. Alas, all I can do is imagine...



The sudden change of plan overnight meant that I now had more time to spend at Wadi Rum. Our driver, the one whom I booked for my entire Jordan journey, dropped us off at the outskirts of Wadi Rum and handed us over to another guy and his jeep. As we zoomed across Wadi Rum I got a brilliant 360 degree view of this UNESCO World Heritage protected site.


Wadi means valley in Arabic, and rum means sand, so Wadi Rum means a sand valley. Our driver took us to see one of the sand hill - I have no idea if that's the correct name for it, but it'll have to do. It looks quite mild from the bottom, but it still took me a good 15 minutes to trek up to the top. Partly because it was quite slippery due to the sand, and partly because literally every few steps I took, I had to turn around to admire this scenic desert.

瓦地倫又叫酒紅色山谷,周圍有不少沙的山坡。 不要看這個山坡沒什麼了不起,但結果我也走了15分鐘才到山坡頂。 原因是沙幼很滑,另外就是每走幾步我都回頭望向 這個引人入勝的景象。


And you can hardly blame me for that, wouldn't you be stunned by this scene? If you are, don't forget to check out my next post when I take you to see more of the beautiful Wadi Rum.



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Ohhhhh. How beautiful, and how much it looks like Arizona. I love my desert and I'm pretty sure I'd love that one.

Thanks for a great look at an exotic place. I'm really sorry you missed the stars, I'll bet they'd have been spectacular.


I've heard about the wilderness of Arizona but sadly never been to that part of US. Peehaps I should make a trip sometime. Thanks for dropping by.

otage @otageMay 2018

Beautiful photos what an interesting place. Sorry to hear of all the rain.
Congratulations! 100% Upvote!

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It looks like a stunning place. I have been trying to convince my girlfriend to go to Jordan for a while now. Is there an off-peak time which is good to visit when there will be less tourists? It looks like you got lucky in a way, apart from the flooding! It still looked like you had fun.


Not sure about best time to go tbh, off peak normally means the weather isnt't so good. I went in May and it was ok. I think it's really best to get to these ancient sites as early as possible, you never know how much longer they're going to be around for. That sounds like a good enough reason to convince her 😊


That is a great point. I think I will use it and try and get there this autumn.


Jordan is definitely deserve a visit. Experience bedouin life should be a great one! I agree about the last photo the scene is very suggestive


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip there, all the ancient sites were just amazing!!


Your photos are superb @livinguktaiwan and this is such an interesting place. It's a pity about the rain but at least your driver took you for a closer look. (Following)


Thanks @trudeehunter, the rain was a bit of disappointment, but bought other adventures which was nice


That's good to hear @livinguktaiwan (:


Good pictures. I was there like 10 years ago, it is a tourist trap but the nature is amazing.


Surprising we didn't see that many other tourists around, when I was researching to write this post, I read there was a tourist centre as well, I didn't see that which is just as well as it would have ruined everything


Oh, that's OK then.


Wadi Rum looks like a great desert destination. The last photo with the view of the camp is so beautiful!