Gran Canaria, Las Palmas was a stop on my Xmas 2014 cruise and I spent a day on this island. From memory, I don't remember where I went, what I did, or even what I ate here. I had to go back to my photos to reconstruct my memory for that day.


Casa de Colón

This is the Casa de Colón, the former Governer's House, and where the city of Las Palmas was founded in 1478. I have quite a lot of photos of this building, I must have spent quite a bit of time here.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus stayed at Gran Canaries during one of his voyages across the Atlantic, and it was said that he stayed at this particular house. He stopped by Gran Canaries two more times during his other trips to the New World. Thus, the island has a long history with this great explorer, and the house is dedicated to him today.

The house isn't very large, and I remember thinking it didn't seem very grand for a governer. But then, you have to remember Las Palmas isn't a large island and this was built 500 years ago (although it was rebuilt in 1777). Grand it may not be, but by the time I finsihed walking around the island, this was definitely one of the most beautiful building I saw.

DSC_1531 columbus-house.JPG





Blue Skies

It was a beautiful day, that I do remember. Everywhere I walked, I could see the clear blue skies above the many unique Gran Canaria style architecture. This was in December, yet the weather was far much better than what we would normally get in UK in the summer. No wonder so many Brits love to move out to this part of the world.


DSC_1543 Santa Ana cathedral.JPG



The cute kids

One thing that kinda stuck to my mind was that I remember seeing a bunch of really cute kindergarten kids out the streets. I checked my photos, and sure enough, there they were.


You guys are so noisy, you're giving me a headache


What are you looking at?

Narrow Streets

After the Casa de Colón I spent most of my time wandering around aimlessly on the island. I had no plans for the day, which sometimes isn't a bad thing when you go on holiday. Holidays are all about relaxing, not stressing yourself out to rush around.







It turned out not having a plan was perfect. I walked and walked, turning down the narrrow roads. Colourful buildings lined on both sides of the roads, beautiful wood lattice balconies hung above the cobbled streets. I continued to walk, till I got to the beach and finished off my day with an ice cream.


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