Every visitor travelling by train to Yilan in Taiwan will definitely come across Jimmy, probably the best known illustrator in Taiwan. Many scenes and characters from his books can be found around the station.

As you come out of the train station and look up, you will see a massive giraffe on the station roof. Yes I really mean it!!! Across the station is the flying train from one of Jimmy's book Starry Starry Night. The two characters from the book can be found further down the road waiting for the bus to school.

Turn Left, Turn Right was voted one of the top 10 most influential books in Taiwan and was the first ever Chinese language Asian film produced by Warner Bros. In the book, the two main characters live next to one another but for various reasons never got to meet. They are both in the park but walking opposite directions. That is probably what you call fate.

There are many suitcase scattered around the park, they come from Sound of Colors, A Journey of Imagination. This is about a blind girl's ride on the subway and the suitcases carries her imagination. This book has been translated into 10 foreign languages including English, Japanese, French and Spanish.

All these life size sculptures are scattered around various places nearby the station and in my video I will take you on a tour to see them all. I start off by the flying train and finish with the giraffe on the roof. Sounds kinda of crazy right? That's what life is like sometimes. Enjoy!

幾米是台灣著名繪本畫家。他出生於宜蘭,所以在宜蘭火車站附近有一個幾米廣場,是遊客必到的景點。幾米的知名作品例如"向左走,向右走","地下鐵" 和 "星空" 裏面的人物和場景都會在這裡出現。 如果你是幾米粉絲或和熱愛打卡, 你一定會喜歡這裏的裝置藝術。

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